Halong Bay in the fog

Tour Operators

Paradissa is a fully licensed tour operator in Vietnam. We carefully research, design innovative travel itineraries and administer the tours ourselves.

In our operation, we do co-operate with many travel service providers including hotels, airlines, boat companies,... and local service operators.  Our partnered local operators may assist us in providing certain tour services such as  the logistics for our adventure tours in the mountains, providing mountain bikes and support vehicles in certain locale, providing a travel package such as homestay and mountain tour guides... All partnered local operators are carefully selected and all must comply with our principles in providing quality service at fairly competitive prices.

Paradissa operates following the principles of responsible travel and sustainable tourism. We trust that efficient cooperation with local service operators brings benefits to all:
- The locals are engaged in local tourism and benefit from it, local people are more aware of protecting the local tourist environment, natural landscape and cultural heritage;
- Paradissa enjoys better operation costs, faster update of changes and responds in a timely manner should anything go beyond our plan;
- Our travelers enjoy quality service at competitive prices and get quick support should anything go wrong.

If you provide travel/tour services in a locale based on the principle of customer-driven and if your commit to providing high quality service at competitive prices, then please contact Paradissa for a possible long-term partnership.