Rice fields at Tuyen Quang
Rice fields at Tuyen Quang

Tuyen Quang

Tinh Tuyen Quang Holiday Weather today

Date/time of update: May 13, 2021, 12:02 am, Timezone: GMT+7
Scattered Clouds

Temperature: 26.51°C
Temperature feels like: 26.51°C
Minimum Temperature: 26.51°C
Maximum Temperature: 26.51°C
Atmospheric pressure: 1006hPa
Visibility: 10000m
Wind speed: 0.49m/sec
Wind Direction: 147 degrees
Cloudiness: 50%
Sunrise: 2021-05-12 10:20:35
Sunset: 2021-05-13 11:30:14

Tuyen Quang is a mountainous province in the north-east of Vietnam, 155 km from Hanoi. The province borders Ha Giang to the north, Cao Bang to the north-east, Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen Provinces to the east, Vinh Phuc and Phu Tho Provinces to the south and Yen Bai Province to the west.

Na Hang, Tuyen Quang
Na Hang Tuyen Quang


Tuyen Quang Vietnam
Rice field and palm trees at Tuyen Quang Vietnam

Tuyen Quang has a tropical monsoon climate with 2 clearly defined seasons a year. The summer is from May to November with torrential rains, with average humidity of 85% and temperatures ranging from 25-35 Degrees Celsius. The winter is normally dry and cold with temperatures ranging from below 10 to 20 Degrees Celsius. The coldest time of the year is from November through January. The average rainfall in Tuyen Quang is 1500-1700mm per annum.

An old gate of the Mac Citadel in Tuyen Quang Town
An old gate of the Mac Citadel in Tuyen Quang Town

The province is home to the Lo, the Gam and the Pho Day Rivers which create river basins rich in alluvial silt for agriculture and facilitate water transportation within the province and between Tuyen Quang and other provinces. Also, the rivers in Tuyen Quang offer great potential for white-water rafting tours, river cruises and eco-tourism.

Memorial at Binh Ca Tuyen Quang
Memorial at Binh Ca Tuyen Quang to the victory of Viet Minh over the French troops in 1947

People & population
Tuyen Quang is home to 22 ethnic groups such as Kinh, Tay, Nung Dao, Cao Lan, San Diu, Pa Then... The Kinh and Tay are most likely to be encountered on your journey through the province, the others are met only if you venture further into the mountains.

The Gam River at Chiem Hoa
The Gam River at Chiem Hoa

Travel attractions in Tuyen Quang
For the travelers who visit Vietnam for the first time, there is not much of a reason to visit Tuyen Quang. You may travel past the province on your way to Ha Giang, Yen Bai or to Ba Be National Park. For the adventure travelers and those who would like to stray from the well-trodden path, then you can visit Tuyen Quang on a motorbike adventure.

Rice fields at Chiem Hoa
Rice fields at Chiem Hoa

Those that are interested in history may enjoy a historical tour to visit ATK Dinh Hoa (Thai Nguyen Province) and Tan Trao (Tuyen Quang Province) where ceremonies took place for the seizing of political power in Vietnam in the August Revolution and Proclamation of Vietnam's Independence on 2nd  September, 1945.

Tran Trao historical relic
Tran Trao historical relic


Na Nua hut at Tan Trao
Na Nua hut at Tan Trao where Ho Chi Minh stayed and decision on the August Revolution made

Travel & Tours in Tuyen Quang
Paradissa organizes adventure tours to the far-north of Vietnam via Tuyen Quang. If you interested in visiting the province, our travel expert could customize an adventure by bike, by motorbike or by jeep for you that visit Na Hang and ethnic communities in the district.

The Pac Ta Mountain at Na Hang
The Pac Ta Mountain at Na Hang

The scenic cruise from Tuyen Quang to Bac Me (Ha Giang) or to Ba Be National Park could offer an adventure or a relaxing experience depending on the weather and luck. The safety requirements are in question and it is not recommended to most travelers.

Accommodation and dining
Mid-range hotels are available in Tuyen Quang City. There are a wide range of family guest houses in all towns in the province. Homestay is available at Nang Kha Commune (Na Hang District).

There are restaurants and floating restaurants of fairly good standards in Tuyen Quang City. In the countryside, the food is basically plain.

Getting there and away
Tuyen Quang is 160km from Hanoi. You can travel via Route 2 with some legs via newly made express ways. Alternatively, you can travel via Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc Province) with beautifull landscape by the road side. The road is small and busier via this route though.

Tuyen Quang Average Monthly Rainfall and Temperatures