Dien Bien PhuJourney back in time to visit the once battlefields and learn more about military history of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar.

  • ATK Dinh Hoa - Thai Nguyen

     Dinh Hoa is a valley surrounded by high mountains. In the valleys, there are hills and mountains of various heights. The area housed the seat of the Viet Minh's government during the Franco-Viet Minh War (1947-1954). Visiting Dinh Hoa, you'll travel back in time to learn about a very important period in the modern history of Vietnam.

  • Dien Bien Phu

    The French started attacking Vietnam in 1857 and managed to invade Sai Gon, southern Vietnam in 1858. From 1858 to 1865, the French marched northward and gradually invaded all of Vietnam. Along with its neighbors Laos and Cambodia, Vietnam was put into a French colony called Indochina.

  • DMZ - Quang Tri

    By mid 1954, the French had realized that it had lost the war to the Viet Minh and would not want to fight further. The Geneva Conference was held on the 20th and 21st of July 1954 to solve the problems in Indochina producing a number of agreements to settle the war. The set of agreements was called the Geneva Accord.

  • First Indochina War - 7 Days

    The First Indochina War was pivotal the history of the Vietnamese Army, in shaping up a completely different chapter in the history of French Indochina, in influencing different revolutionary movements in the world and in showing a new balance of power among super powers in the world back in the time and nowadays...

  • Hanoi – ATK Dinh Hoa Thai Nguyen - 1 Day

    Embark on our one-day historical tour to journey back in time and visit the site of the capital of Vietnam during the resistance war against the French (1947-1954).

  • Ia Drang Valley - Gia Lai

    The valley derives its name from the nearby Drang River in Vietnam's Central Highlands, was the site  of the first major encounters between U.S Army. and the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN). The Ia Drang Battle was the first time in Vietnam the US implemented the air mobility tactics in which troops were air-lifted into, supplied and extracted from the combat site by helicopters; and infantry was supported by coordinating air strikes, aerial rockets, machine guns and artillery from a far-afield firebase directed from distance by on-site observers. Air-mobility tactics were used popularly later, not only for sites of which the terrain was difficult for conventional deployment of combat forces, but also for far-afield battles.

  • Khe Sanh - Quang Tri

    The battle of Khe Sanh which took place from 21 January to 8 April 1968 commanded wide attention from the world media. For 77 days, Khe Sanh was under constant ground and artillery attacks by the People's Army of Vietnam. Khe Sanh since has also been the focus of many controversies and has remained a mystery among historians and political analysts as to the meaning of the attacks by the People's Army of Vietnam...

  • Phu Tho

    Phu Tho Province is located in the North-West of Vietnam; bordered to the north-east by Tuyen Quang Province, to the east by Vinh Phuc Province, to the south-east by Ha Tay Province (Hanoi now), to the south by Hoa Binh Province, to the west by Son La Province and to the west and north-west by Yen Bai Province. The capital of Phu Tho Province is Viet Tri City, 80km north-west of Hanoi.

  • The Vietnam War - 21 Days

    The Vietnam War, known in Vietnam as the American War, has been controversial and much debated about.

  • Vietnam War Battlefields - 14 Days

    Vietnam War Battlefields Tour is one of Paradissa's Vietnam adventure tours and a history journey to visit the sites of major encounters between the US Army and The People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) for 14 days, 13 nights.

  • Vinh Moc Tunnel - Quang Tri

    After the Geneva Accord in 1954, the north and the south of Vietnam was temporarily divided at the 17th parallel and the Ben Hai River was the temporary military demarcation line. The Demilitarized Zone (or DMZ) of no more than 5km in width was created on either side of the Ben Hai River.