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Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 4

Awaken to a wet and foggy day on Halong Bay, I made a hot tea and proceeded to the balcony. It was about time for a Taichi lesson on the sundeck, but I preferred quiet time here.

Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 3

Once everyone was back on board, the junk made a short cruise to the anchoring site for the night. We had a relaxing time enjoying the tranquility of Halong Bay without any noise: no engine sound, no car horn...

Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 2

As the junk cruised further, we found ourselves surrounded by heavenly landscape. It was so calm and fresh outside and inside the food was sensational! What a great combination for a perfect experience!

Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 1

 Spring! It had been wet in Hanoi and for the last few days it had been very foggy. No doubt that the vegetation was so green and the flowers were everywhere! The singing birds were more active in looking for food and partners. The whole world seemed to be charged with new energy.

Tour to Ba Be National Park

Descending the long gradient at Ngan Son, I was charmed by the sublime and fresh mountain landscape. The winds were blowing hard now, the mountain gorges, the forest and the waterfalls by the road side looked stunning. There is no doubt that it is called Deo Gio which means the windy mountain pass.

Trip through Cao Bang

It was early in the afternoon when I made my way into Bao Lam - Cao Bang from Meo Vac – Ha Giang. The drive was on a flat and quiet road with forested mountains on one side and a river running side by side with another range of mountain on the other.