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Hanoi Street Photography

Hanoi is a city with a special character: the chaotic traffic with millions of scooters and motorbikes, skinny shop houses, tiny dark alleys, busy sidewalk cafes, smoky street restaurants... It may sound crazy but Hanoi is a pedestrian-friendly and a very walkable city, too. It seems that Hanoi happens to be made for great photography. And photographers will find it just easy to walk about and capture amazing scenes just around the corner...

Hanoi Early Morning Photography

Hanoi is among the most interesting cities in Asia for the visitors. For photographers, you will find  many opportunities of taking great photos in the city. The growing economy has been just good enough to add new varieties to the lifestyle of local residents, while the traditional way of life has basically remained unchanged for several years...

Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 4

Awaken to a wet and foggy day on Halong Bay, I made a hot tea and proceeded to the balcony. It was about time for a Taichi lesson on the sundeck, but I preferred quiet time here.

Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 3

Once everyone was back on board, the junk made a short cruise to the anchoring site for the night. We had a relaxing time enjoying the tranquility of Halong Bay without any noise: no engine sound, no car horn...

Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 2

As the junk cruised further, we found ourselves surrounded by heavenly landscape. It was so calm and fresh outside and inside the food was sensational! What a great combination for a perfect experience!

Junk Cruise on Foggy Halong Bay - Part 1

 Spring! It had been wet in Hanoi and for the last few days it had been very foggy. No doubt that the vegetation was so green and the flowers were everywhere! The singing birds were more active in looking for food and partners. The whole world seemed to be charged with new energy.