Dien Bien PhuPossessing an extremely strategic location in South East Asia and rich in mineral resources, it is easy to understand that many want to take over, or exert military and political control over Vietnam whose territory includes a very skinny strip of land on the tip of the Indochinese Peninsula and the strategically located offshore islands and archipelagos. That is also why the history of Vietnam has had so many wars with the big neighbor and with world super powers. For such a small and poor country like Vietnam, isn't it too much?

At times, Vietnam was occupied and ruled by foreign powers throughout its history, but most of the time Vietnam has been successful in maintaining its political independence and territorial sovereignty. This very fact dictates that Vietnam is not to be taken for granted and that much has to be said about the Vietnamese army. Our Vietnam battlefield tours are to show you how the army of Vietnam, who was always considered the weaker side of a war, fought its way to victory. On these tours, you'll visit the former battlefields and learn a lot about the various battles and the history of the People Army of Vietnam.

Hue - DMZ - 1 Day

Travel back in time for one day to the former battlefields at Vietnam's former DMZ once marked fierce battles during the Vietnam War (or American War as known in Vietnam).