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Vietnam Adventure Travel

Well researched, challenging and inspirational are what Paradissa has for the travelers who embark on our adventure Vietnam tours. Paradissa has a wide range of adventures for you to choose from such as off the beaten track trips in under-developed destinations, living like locals, exotic cultural experiences, traumatically former battlefield tours... For specific adventure interests such as trekking, cycling and motorcycling please visit the respective categories on our website.

Vietnam War Battlefields Tour

Vietnam battlefields tour

Vietnam War Battlefields Tour is one of Paradissa's Vietnam adventure tours and a history journey to visit the sites of major encounters between the US Army and The People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) for 14 days, 13 nights. The trip is designed for veteran travelers, history researchers, military strategists, or scholars who are interested in learning more about the controversial war, the military strategies implemented by both sides.

Vietnam World Heritage Holidays

Ngo Mon Gate - Hue - Vietnam

Vietnam World Heritage Holidays, which has been among our most popular Vietnam adventure vacations, brings our travelers to visit the wonders of Vietnam, which are listed as World Heritage by the UNESCO, for 9 days, 8 nights. We travel through the towering islands and islets of Halong Bay, the spectacular caves of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, the weathered Imperial Citadel of Hue, the quaint Old Town of Hoi An and the sacred Cham Ruins of My Son. On the journey, we also have opportunities to experience an overnight train journey and visit the former war sites of Vietnam at the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).

Tour the North East of Vietnam

Cao Bang Vietnam

Tour the North East of Vietnam an adventure tour to north-eastern Vietnam for 3days/2 nights. The trip is a quick getaway from Hanoi and  designed for the travelers who have a short time in northern Vietnam and would like to have an adventure experience in the the far northern mountains of the country.

Mekong Delta Adventure Tour

Floating market Mekong River Vietnam

Mekong Delta Adventure Tour is an off-the-beaten track adventure vacation to visit the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam for 10 days, 9 nights. The pace of travel is easy. The trip is suitable to adventure travelers who are willing to forgo amenities and hotspot destinations to venture into less-traveled regions and expect the unexpected!

Ha Giang Adventure Holiday

Ha Giang Vietnam

Ha Giang is well-known for the sublime karst plateau of Dong Van and for magnificent rice terraces at Hoang Xu Phi. The tour to Ha Giang for 5 days 4 nights is among our most favorite adventure holidays in Vietnam with off-the-beaten track itinerary. The tour is a complete adventure experience of the province with the splendid Ma Ping Leng Pass, with the fabled world of Dong Van Rock Plateau, with the unreal beauty of Quan Ba and with the wild and captivating nature at the foot of the Tay Con Linh Mountain Range (2616 m above sea level).