Buddhist monks at Angkor WatLet's browse our Cambodia holiday packages, carefully selected and refined by local travel specialists, for the best customized luxury holidays, tailor made vacations, private family tours in Cambodia. All holiday packages here are made with relaxing pace so that families with children and/or senior travelers will find your trip a wonderfully smooth experience.

The hotels are handpicked by our experienced travel experts ranging from boutique luxury properties with convenient locations to high-end luxury resorts with great amenities for your families. Do not also forget that Cambodia possesses charming pristine beaches in the south and your family is surely to have a great vacation under the sun with Paradissa then.

Koh Kong Eco Escape – 3 Days

Koh Kong Eco Escape is truly a getaway to the wildest region of Cambodia for 3 days, 2 nights. Let's imagine you wake up to the call of the wild and open the window to let in some fresh air, guess what? You'd see lush green forest and sublime mountains in front of you! Look down by very the threshold of your door then you'd see the clear water of a running river. Thinking that you are dreaming? No you are not, it's real! Taking a vacation amid the wild nature of Koh Kong, you'll have your getaway dream come true. And that's not all, Paradissa has selected wonderful accommodation for you at a lovely eco resort with fine service and amazing comfort. You are guaranteed with pure relaxation amid the wilderness of Koh Kong!

Cozy Cambodia - 9 Days

Cozy Cambodia is one of our Cambodia holidays for families in 9 days, 8 nights. The pace of travel is easy with reasonable time for Angkor temple visits, time for leisure and for relaxing on the beach.

Easy Cambodia - 7 Days

Easy Cambodia is a holiday package visiting the capital city and the beaches with relaxing travel pace for 7 days, 6 nights.