Halong Bay cooking demonstrationsLet’s embark on Paradissa’s food tours to explore the sensational food of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Our dedicated foodies will get you acquainted with the mouth-watering cuisine of these countries and assist you with how to cook the dishes yourself. Food is an indispensable part of life and food is vital for great holidays. Understanding local food is a great way to understand the authentic local culture.

  • A guide to food and drink while traveling in Cambodia.

  • Lao food and drink: Laos is a country of multi-ethnic group and each group has its own version of traditional cuisine. On the general level, Lao cuisine is fresh and spicy. The country's cuisine can be best described as blend of more Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine and Chinese cuisine.

  • Enjoying local food and drinks is essential to have a great vacation in Vietnam. Exploring local cuisine in a thorough way may get you some good knowledge of an important element of the Vietnamese culture.

  • Vietnamese food is much better known today thanks to the country’s growing tourism. Travelers who have been to the country often find one of the highlights of their trip to Vietnam is the Vietnamese cuisine which bears some influence of of its neighbors Chinese food, Thai food, Lao food, Khmer food. And of course the Vietnamese food is also much influenced by French food as it was under the French rule for a long time.