Na Hang Reservoir, Tuyen Quang
Na Hang Reservoir, Tuyen Quang

About us

Paradissa founders are all dedicated travelers in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Some of us were tour guides who brought tourists of different nationalities to different corners of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. They trekked in the mountains, they stayed with the hill tribes in the mountains of Indochina, they drifted along the Mekong River with the local fishermen... They have shared their knowledge, their joy and sadness with many communities throughout the region. They have engaged their life with the local people's of different regions of Indochina. They are local and they have the local insights....


Anh Do - Co-founder and Managing Director of Paradissa

Anh Do - Co-Founder and Managing Director
From trekking the terraces in the wild North-West of Vietnam with the hill tribes to drifting along the Mekong River with the fishermen, for years Anh, who has deep love for Indochina and Asia, has shared his life with so many communities throughout the region gaining in-depth knowledge of each country and culture he's lived in. Founding Paradissa Travel, Anh just likes to show the sleepy charm of Asia with the ever-present smiles on every face encountered to the world travelers.

Some of us worked as interpreters or service staff responsible for catering to incentive groups, seminars and conferences of corporations around the globe. The beautiful life gained us baskets of knowledge and experience on the destinations in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar; of the local culture, of the tourist industry and of customer care. We met here and there during our traveling life and have been good friends for years.

We set up Paradissa as a travel tour company servicing in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (Burma) to meet the growing demand of the tourists who want to experience the countries in an innovative way. We provide services to conferences and incentive groups for different organizations from around the globe. We have all been travel experts for years and we are positive that our services are more and more cost-effective, time-efficient, eco-friendly, sustainable, engaging, educational and enjoyable...

To our clients, we are and will always do our bests to be a customer-oriented travel tour company. We know that our individual and group tourists may look for an engaging experience, good understanding of the local people, local culture and real local insights. They may look for the knowledge of the past history, they may also look for the the knowledge of what's going on at their travel destinations. They want to experience the culinary delights of the local cuisine, they may want to get local gifts for their beloved ones after the trip, they may like some relaxing timeless vacations at the many pristine tranquil beaches. Our corporate clients may look for a successful conference or meeting, or a meaningful holiday to their staff. Paradissa always do the bests to individualize our care.

To the local service providers, Paradissa try our bests to help them maintaining the level of services and keeping their commitments by allowing the reasonable margins of profits. We don't allow anyone to overcharge us, overcharge our clients since we have good knowledge of this area and we have good selection of alternatives. We meet with our business partners to discuss regularly, so that we together can provide our guests with the best value-for-money services.

To the local communities, Paradissa have been proud to be among the very few tour operators and travel agents to be locally-friendly. We think that the local people should be the one that benefits most from local tourism income. They are the ones that help preserve and protect the local culture and landscape. We localize all our services when possible. This way, we help the locals with extra income while bringing down the costs. At Paradissa, we appreciate the local knowledge! This way, our guests get the local knowledge, our future guests get what our present guests see.

To our staff, we always make sure that they have good working environment, reasonably good income compared to the local standards. We have training sessions often to update our staff with the most-up-to-date information, so that our guests can be served better and better.

Paradissa Travel have received thousands of good feedback and praise from our clients for our service so far. Most of our guests' experiences with us have been unforgettable. That's why we have had good numbers of clients of different nationalities and regions around the world such as Australia, England, France, Germany, the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Japan, Singapore... Any success, any development that we have had is thanks to our clients. Paradissa Team always keep in mind this.


Paradissa Travel from our outset has always been striving to be among the leading travel tour companies in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Every travel request via email is replied within 48 hours (normally in less than 24 hours) after arriving into our mail box. We offer customized holidays and tailor-made vacation packages to best meet our tourists' requirements. When the tourists are traveling with us, their tour-related requests are responded or met as soon as we receive them. We are flexible in handling travel and tour services to meet the travelers' change of mind.

We understand that the tourists and travelers know what is best for them. We make recommendations about vacations to the tourists based on our experience in travel and hotel business, but respect and follow our dear travelers' decisions. After each tour, we ask our clients for the feedbacks, or our staff contacts them later for their opinion and suggestions for better vacationing in Indochina. These are studied carefully so that we'll serve our next tourists better.

Everyone of Paradissa Travel team knows that happy clients are all we have, offering the travel services that they require is the only way to make them happy.