View from Mount Lao Than in Bat Xat, Lao Cai
View from Mount Lao Than in Bat Xat, Lao Cai

For Your Peace of Mind

A fully-licensed tour operator/travel agent in Vietnam
Paradissa Co. Ltd. is a fully registered and licensed by the Vietnam  National Administration of Tourism (  and Ha Noi Tourism Administration  ( oversees our daily business and activities.

Company license number: 0101218700
Tour operator license number: 01-093

If there should be any minor thing that you are not satisfied with our service , or Paradissa should fail to keep our commitments, then  your feedback (not necessarily complaint) would make our business suspended until we are cleared.

Bonding bank account
As a fully licensed tour operator,  we have got a bonding account (which is frozen during the life time of our  company) with the amount enough to cover all our legal responsibilities in case of insolvency.

Bonding bank account details
Vietcombank - Operation Center
31-33 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Bonding account name: Paradissa Co. Ltd.
Bonding account number: 0010000249960

A travel agent/tour operator with NO “LOCAL PAYMENTS ”
All the monies paid by the clients via our bank accounts are monitored. Paradissa pays our full responsibility as a licensed business and absolutely follows the law here. We are not similar to travel agents or tour operators who have so-called "local payments" which you will  easily find on the Internet, in fact they play tax evasion. Tax evasion is  probably not a problem for the travelers, it's just that if something happened,  then the travelers with "local payments" would be on the danger of loosing  everything.

International air tickets and repatriation
International air tickets here means the return air tickets for the flights between your home (or residence) country and the countries where the services are rendered by Paradissa Co. Ltd. ( Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar). Paradissa Co. Ltd. doesn't include international air tickets for 2 reasons:

1/It's always (without exception) much cheaper to book air tickets from the city of departure, and Paradissa Co. Ltd. may not have branches/affiliates in your home country (or your country of residence)

2/Since your international air tickets are not provided by Paradissa Co. Ltd., in the unlikely events of insolvency, you would still be able to come back home without any extra hassles and costs. It is always wise to diversify risks.

Travel insurance
Paradissa Co. Ltd. does not include travel insurance into the tour costs for the reason that there is lack of good laws governing insurance and lack of good travel insurance providers in the countries where our services are carried out.