Kampot Province

Kampot Province is lying along the coast, in the south of Cambodia. The province is bordered to the north by Kampong Speu, to the east by Takeo and to the west by Koh Kong. Kampot used to be a prosperous town thanks to the trading port. In 1959 the port was moved to Sihanoukville and hence declined the commercial activities. Kampot is well-known for the durian, water melon and the best quality black pepper.

Kampot is getting popular for the travellers who travel to the region to take in the charming crumbling French architecture, Bokor National Park, the waterfalls, and the sleepy seaside town of Kep.

Kampot town, the provincial capital, is a quiet riverside town. The town offers a scenic boat trip on the river and is the good base for exploring the surrounding attractions. Kampot Town is 150km from Phnom Penh with road in fairly good conditions. Alternatively you can take a train to Kampot from Phnom Penh, but this is a very slow train ride. Kampot Town is 41km to Bokor National Park, 24km to Kep seaside town.