A waterfall in the Cardamom Mountains, Koh Kong, Cambodia
A waterfall in the Cardamom Mountains, Koh Kong, Cambodia

Koh Kong

Tucked away to the south-western region of Cambodia right on the Thai border, Koh Kong is by far not much visited by most travelers to Cambodia. This is about to change soon with the good road and good bridges from Phnom Penh running through the province all the way to the Thai border.

 Ko Kong Province overlooks the Gulf of Thailand to the south-west with rugged untouched coastline. The off-shore Koh Kong Island is undeveloped with forested hills and pristine beaches. All the rest of the province is forested mountains with rich wildlife.

The different rivers in Koh Kong Province start from the Cardamom Mountains flowing down through the steep mountain slopes creating majestic waterfalls which can be visited on a day tour by boat. The estuaries are home to lush mangrove forests and variety of water species. There is a chance to go trekking in the forest, snorkeling at sea and for wildlife lovers to have a glimpse of the wildlife rescue center.

Travel and Tours
There are boat tours, nature tours and trekking tours to explore the mountains, forests and waterfalls at Koh Kong. You can also go kayaking on the rivers or having a relaxing beach vacation, a getaway escape at Koh Kong Island or on the Tatai River.

There hotels, eco resorts, luxury river resorts and beach resorts at Koh Kong.

How to get there
Koh Kong is 280km from Phnom Penh (the road trip takes 5-6 hours) 220km (3-4 hours by car). You can go to Koh Kong via the border check point at Cham Yeam (Hat Lek in Thailand) which is 60km away.