Kratie Province

Kratie Province is located to the east of Cambodia; bordered to the north by Stung Treng, to the east by Mondulkiri, to the south-east by Vietnam, to the south by Kampong Cham and the to west by Kampong Thom. The Mekong River travels its way through the middle of the province. Most of the population of Kratie inhabits along the river banks. It is mostly wild forests beyond the river basin.

Kratie is known to the travellers as the home to the Irrawaddy freshwater dolphin. Besides, Kraties also offers nice sunset river cruise, leisurely countryside bicycle tours or motorcycle tours. Once the infrastructure gets better, Kratie could be the place for ecotourism and adventure tours. There are very few travellers in the area by far due to lack of facilities.

Kratie Town, which is the provincial capital, is a nice sleepy town, lying along the Mekong River and is the transit place for the adventure travellers on their route to and from Mondulkiri or Ratanakiri. The rare Irrawaddy Dolphins can be seen 15km north of the town. You can travel to this area by a nice countryside road trip or river cruise. There are standard hotels and resorts in Kratie Town, in the nearby countryside and on the Mekong River. While the resorts are not that of luxury, they do offer certain levels of comforts.

Kratie Town is 350km from Phnom Penh, 220 km from Senorom (Mondukiri) and 250 km from Banlung (Ratanakiri), 150km from Stung Treng.

Kratie has an international border crossing with Vietnam at Trapaeng Sre (Cambodia) – Hoa Lu (Vietnam) which is 300km from Phnom Penh. Snoul is the closest town to the border checkpoint. Snoul is 16km from Trapaeng and 110km from Kratie Town.

There are bullets boats between Kratie and Kampong Cham, the trip takes 3 hours. There are also bullets boats between Kratie and Stung Treng in the rainy season, but not in the dry season.