Mondulkiri Province

Mondulkiri is located to the east of Cambodia. It's bordered to the east by Vietnam Central Highlands, to the north by Ratanakiri and Stung Treng, and to the west by Kratie. Mondulkiri is a hilly and sparsely populated province. With an average elevation of 800m, Mondulkiri has a different climate compared to the other parts of Cambodia. It may gets warm in daytime while turns chilly at night time. The rainy season in Mondulkiri is from May through November.

Much of the road system in Mondulkiri is in poor conditions, especially in the rainy season. Once the infrastructure here gets better, Mondulkiri may be the destination for the tourists looking for untouched nature and adventure travellers alike. People can travel and discover the wild life in the remote parts of the province. There are potentials for trekking tours and elephant-riding tours to explore the wild and learn about the life of the local ethnic minorities. Some may just want to come here and have easy sightseeing holidays.

Mondulkiri provincial capital is Sen Monorom which is set amid ranges of grass hills and pine hills dotted with lakes. This fresh, quiet and picturesque town is definitely worth a few day trips, be it to visit the surrounding ethnic communities, to get relaxed at the many pleasant waterfalls to just to take in the fresh air of the pristine nature.

There are hotels and guesthouses at Sen Monorom with basic facilities such as fans, air-conditioner... There are no luxury hotels in Mondulkiri as of writing.

Sen Monrom is 370km north-east of Phnom Penh, 275 km north-east of Kampong Cham, 130km north of Snoul Town, 185km south of Ban Lung and 220km east of Kratie.