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Travel Health for Cambodia

This article contains a guide to health matters for tourists and travelers in Cambodia: How to stay healthy when traveling in Cambodia, what vaccinations needed before travel in Cambodia, diseases in Cambodia, illness in Cambodia, things to know about travel health in Cambodia.

Post & Communications in Cambodia

This article contains travel guide and tourism information as to post and telecommunications in Cambodia, to to send posts from Cambodia overseas, how is internet access in Cambodia.

Activities in Cambodia, Things to do in Cambodia

Most people travel to Cambodia to visit the Angkor Temples, but surely there are other activities you may like to do on your holiday to this beautiful country. Below you can find useful information as to things to do, travel and tour activities in Cambodia.

Shopping in Cambodia

There are many shops in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap selling a wide range of shopping items ranging from traditional Khmer handicrafts to high quality arts and exquisite antiques. The Central Market, Tuol Tom Pong Market and the Old Market are among the best places for shopping. It's expected to haggle when shopping in Cambodia, but the Khmers are very reasonable when pricing, so don't haggle too hard.

Transport in Cambodia

Below you can find useful information as to means of transportation in Cambodia and how to get around the country.

How to Travel to Cambodia

With a constant influx of tourists to the country, travel to Cambodia is easier than ever before. Below you can find different ways to get to Cambodia by air, by land and by waterway.

Dangers and Annoyances in Cambodia

Generally speaking Cambodia is a safe country for travelers, even solo female ones. But like for any other countries that you may travel in, it is always wise to use common sense so that your trip in Cambodia is a wonderfully complete experience. Here you can find possible dangers and annoyances on your trips to Cambodia such as security, traffic, safety, legal matters, begging...

Siem Reap

Siem Reap Province is located to the north-west of Cambodia and just to the north of the Tonle Sap Lake. The capital of the province is Siem Reap City where tourists use as the base to explore the nearby and much celebrated Temples of Angkor. This travel guide is for Siem Reap City.