Nung An ethnic people at Quang Uyen, Cao BangCao Bang Travel is a collection of travel holiday guide, tourism information, tourist photos for Cao Bang Province in Vietnam. The guide provides you with answers to the questions such as what to see, things to do, weather and climate, ethnic Cao Bang.

For those who love adventures, Paradissa team has proposed itineraries for trekking, biking and motorbiking through Cao Bang. For veteran travelers or those who are interested in learning about the war, Paradissa has itineraries for you to visit the former battlefields in Cao Bang and learn about the battles in the past. Tourist facilities in Cao Bang are quite basic and if you want a luxury holiday, we are afraid that Cao Bang may not be a good choice.

  • Ban Gioc Waterfall is 92km from Cao Bang Town, right on the border between Vietnam and China. The waterfall includes layers of moss and water falling down from tens of meter above. The road trip from Cao Bang to Ban Gioc offers captivating scenery.

  • Cao Bang, located to the North-East of Vietnam, literally means "High Plains" in Vietnamese. In fact, the terrains of Cao Bang include stretches of flat plains alternated by high mountain ranges. The province is home to a number of ethnic groups, of which most are the Kinh, the Tay and the Nung Peoples.

  • Cao Bang is a mountainous province located in the North East of Vietnam. The province is bordered to the north and the east by China, to the West by Ha Giang Province and to the south by Lang Son, Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang Provinces. Cao Bang has a borderline of 333km with China.

  • Ma Phuc Pass of Cao Bang Province is on the way between Cao Bang Town and the Ban Gioc Waterfall. The pass is not famous with the elevation or the danger like some others in Vietnam, but with the natural beauty that one could capture from the top of the pass.

  • Nguom Ngao Cave is in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province. Nguom Ngao Cave is 89 km from Cao Bang Town and 3 km from Ban Gioc Waterfall, the cave is in a limestone mountain range and has most parts underground and some parts under water.

  • Pac Bo is in Ha Quang District of Cao Bang Province, 50km from Cao Bang Town. Pac Bo was where Ho Chi Minh returned to Vietnam after 30 years traveling the world seeking ways to liberate Vietnam from the French rule.

  • It was early in the afternoon when I made my way into Bao Lam - Cao Bang from Meo Vac – Ha Giang. The drive was on a flat and quiet road with forested mountains on one side and a river running side by side with another range of mountain on the other.