Da Lat Travel includes travel holiday guide, tourism information, tourist photos for Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Da Lat has long been a famed romantic destination for Vietnamese lovers thanks to lovely natural settings: waterfalls, pine hills, lakes, valleys, French architecture…. Our in-depth guide to Da Lat should arm you with all information you need to know before making trips to this Honeymoon City!

  •  After the discovery of Da Lat in the 19th century, the French colonialist wanted to turn Da Lat into the capital city of Indochina. Best efforts were made and the most talented architects were called in to build the city as beautiful as possible. The plan was aborted due to changes in the politics of Indochina. Still Da Lat benefited from the plan and remains as one of the most romantic destinations on Earth...

  • Bao Dai Summer Villas I, II, III with lovely architectures and with quite some Vietnamese history to learn about. All the villas are just 1-2km around the city center.

  • Da Lat is located on the Lang Biang Plateau, southern area of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Da Lat is characterized by pine forests, lakes, waterfalls, beautiful flower fields and French architecture.

  • Da Lat is perched on the Lang Biang Plateau, 45 minutes flights from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The city offers temperate climate, green mountains, fresh waterfalls, serene lakes, romantic pine forests and elegant French architecture, which make it the destinations of Vietnamese honeymooners and artists. Paradissa has got several trips with our travellers to Da Lat and still it remains more than a charm. We do keep coming back every year and the below photos were taken on the different occasions of our travels to this City of Love.