The Ancient Citadel in Lang Son CityOur little travel guide for Lang Son comprises comprehensive information such as what to see, things to see, weather and climate, ethnic groups... in Lang Son Province. Lang Son City is right on the border with China and there is an enormous amount of history can be learned from various battlefields in the war between Vietnam versus China and Viet Minh versus the French. Lang Son is an interesting stopping point for the adventurous travelers who make the trip in the North-East of Vietnam between Cao Bang and Halong Bay.

  • Chi Lang Passage is located in Chi Lang District, Lang Son Province, near the newly-built highway 1A from Hanoi to Lang Son. The passage is 110km north of Hanoi, 60km south of the Chinese Border and 40km south of Lang Son City.

  • Lang Son Province is located in the North-East of Vietnam, sharing the border with Cao Bang Province to the north, with China to the east, with Quang Ninh to the southeast, with Bac Giang to the south and with Thai Nguyen and Bac Kan Provinces to the west.

  • Lang Son Province is located to the North East of Vietnam, the provincial capital is Lang Son City, 160km from Hanoi. Lang Son is always on the travel itinerary of the adventure travelers who take the tour the North East of Vietnam. Apart from the tourist attractions in and around Lang Son City, the province offers wild mountains, fresh countryside and myriads former battlefields.

  • Nhi Thanh is the second biggest cave in Lang Son City; the cave is 800m from Tam Thanh Cave and 3km from the city center. Nhi Thanh Cave is 300m long and the cave has openings to both sides of the mountain. While it's rocky inside Tam Thanh Cave, at Nhi Thanh cave it is even inside. There's a stream with flowing water inside Nhi Thanh Cave.

  • Tam Thanh Cave is the biggest cave in Lang Son City, next to the To Thi Mountain, 2km from the city center. The cave is 400m long and has openings to both sides of the mountain. There are different sections inside the cave, the outer one is home to the Tam Thanh Pagoda. A trip to the Tam Thanh Cave combined with the To Thi Mountain could take 2-3 hours easily.

  • To Thi Mountain (The mountain of Lady To) is a cluster of mountains in Tam Thanh Ward, on the north-western edge of  Lang Son City. It is a must to visit To Thi  Mountain if you ever have a chance to travel to Lang Son City.