Flooded rice terraces at Trinh Tuong Bat Xat, Lao CaiLao Cai Province is famed for the highest mountain peaks in Vietnam, the multi-ethnic culture, cool climate hill stations. Here you can find all information you need to know for your holiday in Lao Cai Province: travel holiday guide, tourist attractions, travel photos, how to get there, weather and climate for Lao Cai Province in Vietnam...

You have probably heard of Sapa, Mount Fansipan and Bac Ha weekend market, but Lao Cai has far more than that for a visitor. Our travel guide provides you with all information for the popular attractions and the hidden tourist gems that are not yet explored. If you want a relaxing holiday for your family, then the hill stations of Sapa and Y Ty could be visited. If you want a trekking holiday, then you can have great adventures in Sapa, Bac Ha and in Bat Xat. If you want to climb mountains, then there are the Fansipan, Lao Than, Ky Quan San (Bach Moc Luong Tu),...for you to take the challenges. Photographers will find great opportunities for your travel photography with the rice terraces, ethnic markets and ethnic people. Luxury travel is limited to Sapa only and homestay is available in many ethnic villages.

  • Bac Ha is a district of Lao Cai Province in north-western Vietnam. For long, Bac Ha has been overshadowed by Sapa, a popular tourist attraction only 100km away. Some travellers to Sapa would take a day trip to Bac Ha for the colorful ethnic market on Sunday morning, when virtually all local ethnic groups get dressed up in their traditional costumes and travel to town for trading and for socializing. Bac Ha still preserves the untouched natural and cultural beauty.

  • Bac Ha Market is among the most beautiful ethnic markets in Vietnam. The market has one gathering per week on Sunday morning only. Earlier most people got to the market on foot and by horse, nowadays many go by motorbike while several still go to the market on foot.

  • Bat Xat District of Lao Cai Province is located to the north-west of Lao Cai City; bordered by China to the north-east, north and north-west; to the west and south-west by Lai Chau Province; to the south by Sapa and to the south-west by Lao Cai City.

  • Can Cau Market is among the most beautiful ethnic markets in Vietnam. The market is in Can Cau Commune of Si Ma Cai District, Lao Cai Province. The market of Can Cau is 20km north of Bac Ha Town and 120km from Sapa, 90km from Lao Cai City.

  • Coc Ly Market is one of the most authentic ethnic markets in Lao Cai of which the gathering is once per week on Tuesday morning only. The road to Coc Ly was very bad earlier and the community was not that easily accessible then.

  • Ham Rong Mountain is right in Sapa Town. The mountain is home to some stunning orchid gardens and "rock gardens". From Ham Rong Mountain, we can have the best view of Sapa and the surrounding fresh nature including Mount Fansipan.

  • The former residence of Hoang A Tuong in Bac Ha (Lao Cai) was built from 1914-1921. This was a residence and a working place of the father-son Hoang Yen Tchao and Hoang A Tuong who were chiefs of Bac Ha back that time. The family was of Tay origin but some may still refer to the residence as the Hmong King’s Residence in Bac Ha. The residence has a mixed architecture of French and Chinese styles.

  • Lao Cai Province of Vietnam is located in the north-western region of the country. Lao Cai shares border with China to the north, with Ha Giang to the east, with Yen Bai to the southeast and south, and with Lai Chau to the west. The capital of the province is Lao Cai City, 300km north-west of Hanoi. The province possesses sublime untouched natural beauties, rich and colorful ethnic cultures, and has long been a popular tourist attraction for the Vietnamese tourists as well as for foreign visitors.

  • Lao Cai is a mountainous province, in the North West of Vietnam. Lao Cai is home to the Hoang Lien Mountain Range with the highest peak in Vietnam – Fansipan. At the base of the mountain range, there are stunning rice terraces and colorful ethnic groups. The base for exploring the beauties of Lao Cai is Sapa, a famed hill station over 1,500m above sea level..

  • Mount Bach Moc Luong Tu(officially reverted to its correct name Ky Quan San from April 7th, 2018) straddles Lao Cai and Lai Chau Provinces. The peak of the mountain is 3,046m above sea level and you can climb the mountain from both Lai Chau and Lao Cai. The route from Lai Chau is easier and travels through dense forests while the route from Lao Cai is shorter and much harder involving climbing vertical rock cliffs. The latter offers you with sweeping mountain vistas and with plenty of opportunities to take photos of the sublime beauty of the mountains, clouds and valleys and of which the information is provided by Paradissa in this travel guide.

  • Lao Cai is home to the highest mountain peak in Vietnam, Mount Fansipan. Nestled at the base of Mount Fansipan is Sapa Town, one of the most popular hill stations in the country. Both Sapa and Mount Fansipan have been turned into a money making machine and lots of constructions have been going on here. The town and the mountain are losing the pristine charm and the adventure travelers are looking for alternatives...

  • Autumn! The temperatures in Hanoi dropped down from warm to pleasant. The air was fresher and the breezes were gentler. It was still bright sunshine but the scorching sun had been replaced by a kissing and caressing one. My temptation to hit the road was gradually dominating the love for work. I knew it was best to wrap things up as soon as possible… Somewhere up in the mountains, the golden rice terraces were calling my name!

  • Sapa Vietnam is inhabited by 7 ethnic groups including the Kinh (Viet), the Black H'mong, the Red Dzao, the Giay, the Tay, the Xa Pho and the Hoa. Cross-marriages are found in town, though not common. Each ethnic group of Sapa still sticks to their century-old traditions with some influence by the other neighbor ethnic groups.
  • Sapa Vietnam is 400km (9 hour drive by car) north-west of Hanoi. This cloud-covered town is located at 1,550m above sea level, cool all year round. There are many magnificent mountains including the peak of Indochina-Fansipan of 3,143m elevation.

  • Sapa is among the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam with wild mountains, forests, colorful hill tribes...and with amazing rice terraces.

  • Si Ma Cai is a remote district of Lao Cai Province. The land is bordered to the north and the west by Muong Khuong, to the south and south-east by Bac Ha and to the north-east by Ha Giang and China.