The sea at Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh
Nam Dinh was the homeland of the Tran Kings who ruled Vietnam in the 13th century. There is a temple dedicated to these kings that is much visited by Vietnamese tourists nowadays. Birding enthusiasts may like to have a trip to Xuan Thuy National Park which is an interesting sites for observing many indigenous specious and migratory species. The whole province is rarely visited by foreign travelers. Our travel guide is to provide some basic and practical information should you have a plan to travel through Nam Dinh. Paradissa also organize birding tours to Xuan Thuy National Park and bike tours around Giao Thuy Commune.

  • Nam Dinh Province is located in the Red River Delta, northern Vietnam. Nam Dinh is bordered to the north-east by Thai Binh Province, to the north-west by Ha Nam Province, to the south-west and south by Ninh Binh Province and to the east by the East Vietnam Sea. The capital of Nam Dinh is Nam Dinh City, 90km south of Hanoi.

  • Pho Minh Pagoda is in Tuc Mac Village, 4km north of Nam Dinh City and 94km south of Hanoi. The pagoda had been built when the Ly Dynasty was still ruling Vietnam, but was expanded in 1262 and later by the Tran Kings.

  •  The Tran Temple in Nam Dinh Province is 4km from Nam Dinh City, 90km south of Hanoi. The site of the  Tran Temple now had been the site of Trung Quang Palace and a temple dedicated to the Tran Royal Family. The original complex of the Tran Temple was destroyed in the 15th century by the Ming Troops. The Tran Temple now  was built in late 17th century including three temples: Thien Truong Temple, Co Trach Temple and Trung Hoa Temple.