Ricefield at Tam CocThe backwater of Ninh Binh is only 2 hours' drive from Hanoi and the land is home to so many tourist attractions that if you spend enough time here, then your vacation is definitely a memorable one.

Ninh Binh is located deep in the Red River Delta with basically flat terrain. The rice fields in Ninh Binh are beautiful during harvest times. Yet there are ranges of karst mountains and outcrops along with crisscrossing rivers which divide the land into enclosed valleys and flooded fields. Many of these are accessible by only rowing boats which travel through underwater caves...

Besides, Ninh Binh was the site of the capital city of Vietnam in the 10th century. There are archaeological sites and historical temples for those interested in these topics. So you come to Ninh Binh on a family holiday, or a photography trip, or a romantic getaway, or an easy bicycle tour, a historical tour, a cultural experience... you'll surely find something for yourself in this hidden charm.

  • Hoa Lu was the site of the ancient capital city of Vietnam in the 10th century. Vietnam adopted Buddhism as the national religion at the time, and Hoa Lu and the adjacent area were home to a number of Buddhist pagodas under the patronage of the royal court. Bai Dinh Pagoda was among the most sacred Buddhist pagodas at the time and in 2003 a new Bai Dinh Pagoda was built in the same valley  with the old Bai Dinh Pagoda and claimed one of the biggest Buddhist pagodas in Asia...The old Bai Dinh Pagoda is still well preserved and shrouded in the Zen atmosphere on top of the Dinh Mountain.

  • Bich Dong is a cave pagoda built in the 15th century at Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province. Bich Dong Pagoda comprises 3 pagodas here called Chua Ha, Chua Trung and Chua Thuong all of which are built leaning against a limestone mountain. The main building is the Cave Pagoda (Chua Trung) built into a cave in the mountain.

  • Consecrated in 1962, Cuc Phuong is the oldest national park in Vietnam. Cuc Phuong, 120km south of Ha Noi and under the administration of Ninh Binh Province authority, spreads its land area of 22,200 hectares into the territory of Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa and Hoa Binh Provinces.

  • Ninh Binh is tucked deep to the south-western corner the Red River Delta and characterized by lotus flower lakes, towering limestone mountains, vast rice paddies and evergreen untouched forests. Hoa Lu a district of Ninh Binh was the capital city of Vietnam in the 10th century A.D. Cuc Phuong National Park of Ninh Binh is among the best preserved national parks in Vietnam and was the starting point of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trails in the War.

  • Ninh Binh Pictures is a collection of photos of Ninh Binh in autumn, the best time in Ninh Binh and northern Vietnam. Traveling to Ninh Binh during this time, you will be charmed by the rugged mountains covered in mists, by the rice fields turning into golden color, by the serene waters of rivers snaking through the karst formations and by the fresh wilderness of the nature reserve and national park,...

  • Tam Coc is a popular tourist attraction in Ninh Binh for amazing rice fields dissected by breathtaking mountains. But little do people know that there is a wonderful market in Tam Coc which has the atmosphere of markets in northern Vietnam several decades ago.

  • Tam Coc is 7 km from Ninh Binh City and Hoa Lu Ancient Capital. Tam Coc is a flooded area with towering mountains jutting out of green rice paddies.

  • Thung Nang of Ninh Binh Province is a flooded area adjacent to Tam Coc and close to Bich Dong. While Tam Coc is flanked by rice fields and has more activities, Thung Nang is a pristine and untouched area. There's not much human activities here, only a few people fishing in the wild area...To get to Thung Nang, you'll travel for 1km from Tam Coc on the way to Bich Dong Pagoda. The rowing boat trip at Thung Nang is about 2hours 15 minutes.

  • Trang An used to be a natural defense system of Hoa Lu, the capital of Vietnam in the 10th century. Much of the area with karst mountains, rivers and caves had been hidden from the public until recently. Trang An could be visited easily on a one day trip from Hanoi. Alternatively, you can join Paradissa for a longer trip to Trang An and other beauties in Ninh Binh Province. The below photos were taken on one of our trips to this newly uncovered beauty...

  • Hoa Lu District of Ninh Binh Province was the capital city of Dai Co Viet (the name of Vietnam in the 10th century A.D), where the Dinh and the early Le Dynasties successively ruled the kingdom from.  In 1010, the capital city was moved to Hanoi and King Ly Thai To changed the name of Hoa Lu to Trang An District. The name Trang An from that time had been associated with Hoa Lu as the ancient capital city.

  • Van Long Nature Reserve is a flooded field surrounded by limestone mountains. Van Long Nature Reserve is home to a number of bird species which can be observed by taking a 2-hour sampan trip through the area. Van Long Nature Reserve is on the way from Ninh Binh to Cuc Phuong National Park and the best time to visit the nature reserve is in early morning.