Daily life at ATK Dinh Hoa Thai Nguyen
Thai Nguyen is only an hour driver from Hanoi and it doesn't get much attention from most travelers to Vietnam. It is easy to understand that foreign travelers would like to spend your limited time in Vietnam for more popular attractions. Paradissa's team happens to possess a whim to set out on adventures by inspirations and some of which brought us around the little visited attractions in Thai Nguyen.

Our guide for Thai Nguyen travel is to help those of you who happen to wander mindlessly into seldom visited places. It would take only a couple of days out of your time while what you get is definitely authentic, isn't it something that many wish for on your vacations abroad nowadays?

  •  Dinh Hoa is a valley surrounded by high mountains. In the valleys, there are hills and mountains of various heights. The area housed the seat of the Viet Minh's government during the Franco-Viet Minh War (1947-1954). Visiting Dinh Hoa, you'll travel back in time to learn about a very important period in the modern history of Vietnam.

  • Thai Nguyen Province was the capital of the liberated zone of Viet Bac in the resistance war against the French in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The province shares the border with Bac Kan Province to the north, with Lang Son and Bac Giang Provinces to the east; with Hanoi to the south and the provinces of Vinh Phuc and Tuyen Quang to the west. The capital city of the province is Thai Nguyen City, 67km from Hanoi.