A handicraft village at Tien GiangFind a comprehensive travel holiday guide, tourism information, tourist photos for Tien Giang Province and My Tho City in the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. The general guide for Tien Giang includes the tourist attractions, weather and climate, accommodations,… Paradissa's detailed guide provides you with real experiences by our team to explore this land ranging from boat cruises, dining experience, cultural performances, seasonal fruits…. Do not hesitate to contact Paradissa should you need further information on Tien Giang and My Tho.

  • My Tho, the capital city of Tien Giang Province, is the closest destination of the Mekong Delta for the travelers from Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Tien Giang Province is located to the north-eastern corner of the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. Tien Giang in Vietnamese means the Frontal River which means this river is like the facade of the Mekong Delta.