Champasak is located in southern Laos, bordered to the north by Salavan, to the north-east by Sekong, to the south-east by Attapeu, to the south by Cambodia and to the east by Thailand. Champasak is home to most of Laos's timber production, coffee, tea, cardamom and rattan. Champask is where much of Laos fine weaving products are found. The province is inhabited by a number of ethnic groups such as Alak, Katu, Taoy,...


Tourist attractions in Champasak include the fertile Bolaven Plateau, the Khmer Temple of Wat Phu, many waterfalls and the stunning Four Thousand Islands at Si Phan Don. Champasak offers the travellers with boat river tours, eco and adventure tours, elephant riding tours and relaxing sightseeing tours.

Pakse is the capital of Champasak. The town is the good base for exploring the main tourist attractions in the province. Besides from Pakse you can travel into Thailand. Laos Airlines offers daily flights between Vientiane and Pakse.