Dangers and Annoyances in Laos

Below you can find useful information as to dangers and annoyances when traveling in Laos.

Safety: Laos is a safe country. Pick pocketing and bag snatching exist, but not common.

Dangers and Annoyances:
Given the shabby road conditions and lack of medical care for emergencies, tourists generally and the adventure travellers especially could be jeopardized by mishaps while touring the country. Pre-trip planning with regards to up-to-date travel information, acquiring travel insurance with adequate policies, clear and well-informed contact details  is very important for a better holiday in Laos.

There are certain areas of Laos such as Xieng Khuang, Champasak, Hua Phan, Kham Muan and Sekong where unexploded ordnances or UXOs and land mines are not cleared after the war. It is important to arrange a trip with an experienced travel agent who provides you with a local tour guide. If you travel independently, then make sure you are well-informed and updated with the information of the destinations. Under no circumstances, stray from well-trodden paths.

Traveling by boat along the waterways in Laos is a fun and convenient. Some local agents offer fast boat on the river system. It happens sometimes that the boat hits hidden rock and capsizes. Think twice before opting for the fast boat service! Alternatively you can go on normal long boat with reasonable speed and prices.