Luang Prabang

Claimed the best preserved city in Asia, Luang Phabang is a town with a combination of a ruggedly beautiful Mekong River and the encircling mountains setting, the ancient architecture of the historic temples and monasteries, the multi-ethnic population often seen around, the sedate and friendly atmosphere.


Luang Prabang Old Town Laos
Luang Prabang Old Town of Laos

Let join Paradissa Travel to learn about this charming town. We visit the former Royal Palace, now a museum featuring a display of Lao artistry, from intricate woven silks, fine furniture and vast murals to the 43 kilogram gold, silver and bronze Haw Pha Bang Buddha. We make our way on the narrow lanes to many revered temples, including the glittering Wat Xien Thong with its life mosaic wall, and the golden-walled Wat Mai. We climb the Phousi mountain for the panoramic view of the town and its environ and enjoy some timeless moments on the riverfront with cold beer.

After exploring the historic town, you may like to join us on a river cruise to discover the Pak Ou cave, a pilgrimage point for the locals with thousands of Buddha statues crammed into a cave on the Mekong river, 25 km from Luang Phabang; or drive to Tat Kuangsi, a multi-tiered waterfalls pouring into turquoise pools, 32 km from Luang Phabang. The way to both of these spots offer magnificent country side scenery of Laos.