A boat on the Mekong River at VientianeLet's get yourself fully informed before your trip to Laos with Paradissa's Laos travel guide, travel tips and travel advice, travel destinations and photos. All information here is the written by Paradissa tour guides and staff from our own travel experiences in Laos. Have nice reading and please don't forget to share with us your travels in Laos.

Arts & Entertainment in Vietnam

One of the highlights of the trip to Lao for many foreign tourists is probably to experience the rich arts of the country which are quite different from those of other countries. Lao arts have been mostly found in religious architecture, in religious sculpture and traditional handicrafts.

Travel Health for Laos

Having your health in the best conditions while traveling is vital to having a nice vacation and a memorable away-from-home holiday. Experiencing a healthy journey is essential to leading a happy and full-of-success life in the time to come and to prepare ourselves in the best conditions for the next adventures of life.

Money & Banks in Laos

The currency in Laos is the Kip (LAK) which comes in 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500, 100 and 50 Kip denominations. In most travel destinations, with the exception of the remote or mountainous areas, Thai Bahts and US Dollars are also accepted widely. For items of higher prices such as room rates at luxury hotels, food at first class restaurants, deluxe tour packages...the prices are normally quoted in US Dollars.

Post & Communications in Laos

Below you can find a travel guide to post and communications in Laos, internet access in Laos, making a phone call in Laos, sending a post card in Laos.

Passports & Visas for Laos

A guide to passport and visa for Laos: All visitors and travellers to Laos must possess a passport with validity of at least 6 months after entry and an appropriate visa, except for those who come from a country which has bi-lateral agreements with Laos on visa exemption.

Shopping in Laos

Shopping in Laos is getting better and better along with the increase in the  number of travelers visiting the country year over year. The traditional products get better and better to meet the requirements of the discerning traveller-shoppers.

Transport in Laos

Tourism is about to thrive in Laos, the economy is improving and the road system is getting better nowadays. Getting around the country is not as difficult as it used to be. Below you can find some useful information as to means of transportation in Laos.

How to Travel to Laos

As Laos is growing more and more popular as a travel destination, it is more convenient and cost-saving to travel to the country. Below you can find the means of transport to get to Laos that suits you the most.


Champasak is located in southern Laos, bordered to the north by Salavan, to the north-east by Sekong, to the south-east by Attapeu, to the south by Cambodia and to the east by Thailand. Champasak is home to most of Laos's timber production, coffee, tea, cardamom and rattan. Champask is where much of Laos fine weaving products are found. The province is inhabited by a number of ethnic groups such as Alak, Katu, Taoy,...