The Dray Sap Waterfall at Dak LakDak Lak Travel includes travel holiday guide, tourism information, tourist photos for Dak Lak Province in Vietnam. Paradissa team provides you with useful information for the land such as weather and climate, what to see and things to do in Dak Lak and Buon Ma Thuot... Dak Lak is off the tourist track by far and if you love whitewater rafting, elephant-riding, trekking amid rolling hills and ethnic villages, adoring sublime waterfalls, tasting sensational coffee... then Dak Lak should be a great choice.

  • Buon Ma Thuot or Ban Me Thuat is located deep in the Central Highlands, about 360 km from Sai Gon. Buon Ma Thuot is the capital city of Dak Lak Province of Vietnam and the "capital city of the Vietnamese coffee". Buon Ma Thuot by far is relatively off-the-tourist track. But the area is certainly worth the trip.

  • Dak Lak is located in the heart of the Central Highlands of Vietnam, bordered to the north by Gia Lai, to the east by Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa and to the south by Lam Dong and Dak Nong, to the west by Cambodia. The provincial capital is Buon Ma Thuot City.

  • The Lake Lake of 500ha is a natural lake in Lien Son Town, Lak District, Dak Lak Province, 56km south of Buon Ma Thuot City and is untouched by mass tourism. The lake is on the way between Buon Ma Thuot City and Da Lat.