Peaks on the trek to the summit of Bach Moc Luong Tu MountainA comprehensive list of trekking destinations and mountains for scaling in Vietnam for our travelers who love adventures, mountain climbing, wilderness, untouched nature and cultures.

Paradissa has organized several trekking adventures and mountain-climbing adventures to the most untouched and beautiful areas of Vietnam and we keep updating the information for our travelers. If you can not find the information that you need on our website, please contact Paradissa's adventure specialist for further details.

  • Ba Be National Park is 230km north east of Ha Nanoi. The whole area is of towering limestone mountains with evergreen forests alternated by flat low land. The elevation is from 150m to 1098m above sea level.  

  • Bac Ha is a district of Lao Cai Province in north-western Vietnam. For long, Bac Ha has been overshadowed by Sapa, a popular tourist attraction only 100km away. Some travellers to Sapa would take a day trip to Bac Ha for the colorful ethnic market on Sunday morning, when virtually all local ethnic groups get dressed up in their traditional costumes and travel to town for trading and for socializing. Bac Ha still preserves the untouched natural and cultural beauty.

  • Cao Bang is a mountainous province located in the North East of Vietnam. The province is bordered to the north and the east by China, to the West by Ha Giang Province and to the south by Lang Son, Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang Provinces. Cao Bang has a borderline of 333km with China.

  • Hang Kia is a little valley perched on an altitude of 900-1,200m above sea level. While Hang Kia is part of Mai Chau District of Hoa Binh, it belongs to the Moc Chau Plateau geographically. Hang Kia is 170km southwest of Hanoi via Route 6.

  • Hoang Su Phi is among the most untouched areas of Ha Giang Province of Vietnam. The district was separated from the mainstream society until very recently. The capital town of Hoang Su Phi District is Vinh Quang Township, 60km from Tan Quang Town and 100km from Ha Giang provincial capital.

  • Mai Chau of Hoa Binh Vietnam is a little valley surrounded by green mountains and dotted with lakes, paddy fields, rivers and houses on stilts of the local Thai people. Driving from Ha Noi to Son La or Mai Chau, most travellers would stop at the entrance to Mai Chau which offers the breathtaking panoramic view of the area.

  • Mount Bach Moc Luong Tu(officially reverted to its correct name Ky Quan San from April 7th, 2018) straddles Lao Cai and Lai Chau Provinces. The peak of the mountain is 3,046m above sea level and you can climb the mountain from both Lai Chau and Lao Cai. The route from Lai Chau is easier and travels through dense forests while the route from Lao Cai is shorter and much harder involving climbing vertical rock cliffs. The latter offers you with sweeping mountain vistas and with plenty of opportunities to take photos of the sublime beauty of the mountains, clouds and valleys and of which the information is provided by Paradissa in this travel guide.

  • Lao Cai is home to the highest mountain peak in Vietnam, Mount Fansipan. Nestled at the base of Mount Fansipan is Sapa Town, one of the most popular hill stations in the country. Both Sapa and Mount Fansipan have been turned into a money making machine and lots of constructions have been going on here. The town and the mountain are losing the pristine charm and the adventure travelers are looking for alternatives...

  • Mu Cang Chai is little known to foreign visitors to Vietnam, but for Vietnamese photographers and young travelers that is where they go for photography of stunning golden rice terraces in late September and early October. You come here during this time, everywhere you turn you'll be dazzled by the softly curved lines of the golden rice terraces on low hills just by the roadsides, deep down by the riversides, on the brinks of the ravines, on the vast mountain slopes towering up and stretching all the way to the horizon…

  • Pu Luong Nature Reserve covers an area of 17,662 hectares in the districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc, Thanh Hoa Province. Pu Luong is 130km from Hanoi via Ho Chi Minh Road, 40km from Mai Chau District of Hoa Binh Province and 110km north-west of Thanh Hoa Provincial Capital.
  • Sapa Vietnam is 400km (9 hour drive by car) north-west of Hanoi. This cloud-covered town is located at 1,550m above sea level, cool all year round. There are many magnificent mountains including the peak of Indochina-Fansipan of 3,143m elevation.