This is a collection of festivals and events in Vietnam which may affect your travel holidays in the country.

  • Traditional festivals are considered the traditional cultural activities of all countries, including the Vietnamese people. They involve all social classes, urban and rural alike, and have become a necessary part of people's lives for many centuries.

  • The Do Temple Festival is held at Dinh Bang, Bac Ninh Vietnam on the 14th, 15th and 16th of the third lunar month; the main ceremonies take place on the 15th. The festival commemorates the coronation of King Ly Cong Uan (Ly Thai To). There are two parts of the festival: the spiritual ceremonies and the festival with different folk games and traditional performances.

  •  When the peach blossoms make the winter in northern Vietnam warmer and the apricot flowers make the sunshines in the central region and southern Vietnam brighter, the Vietnamese would make the last efforts wrapping up everything and rush home to celebrate Tet. The Vietnamese People, being dead or alive, from all regions of the country, all corners on earth, all walks of life,  and even in the afterlife would rush home in a real hurry for Tet.