Dong Cao Bac Giang photographyA collection of travel photography, photo tours, photo workshops in Vietnam by Paradissa' photographers. Following the footsteps of our photography team, you'll discover a Vietnam stripped off of tourism and purely authentic… Joining Paradissa's team on your photographic holidays in Vietnam you are to have an unforgettable experience and unique photos of the country and people.

  • Ninh Thuan is in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Though possessing some great attractions, Ninh Thuan is not visited by most travellers to Vietnam. The photos below are to show some of the tourist attractions in the province. Keep in mind that Paradissa organizes unforgettable family tours, country back road bike tours and beach vacations in Ninh Thuan.

  • Sapa Vietnam is inhabited by 7 ethnic groups including the Kinh (Viet), the Black H'mong, the Red Dzao, the Giay, the Tay, the Xa Pho and the Hoa. Cross-marriages are found in town, though not common. Each ethnic group of Sapa still sticks to their century-old traditions with some influence by the other neighbor ethnic groups.
  • Phu Tho Province is located to the west of Hanoi and is the gateway to the wild North-West of Vietnam. Phu Tho is little known to the foreign visitors to Vietnam, while it is popular among the Vietnamese. The province was where the founder kings of Vietnam (Hung Kings, Hung Vuong, Vua Hung) started the first Viet-identity kingdom and there is still the Hung Kings Temple near the provincial capital - Viet Tri City.

  •  Officially named Ho Chi Minh City, the century-old name Saigon is still preferred and used more by the local Vietnamese. From the very first day when the city was founded, Saigon has remained the leading economic center of Vietnam.
  • Sapa is among the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam with wild mountains, forests, colorful hill tribes...and with amazing rice terraces.

  • Thanh Hoa Province is located 160 km south of Hanoi. Thanh Hoa, which stretches from the Laotian border to the East Vietnam Sea, is rarely visited by the foreign travellers to Vietnam. The province is home to Pu Luong Nature Reserve, the Ho Citadel, Ben En National Park, Sam Son Beach, Hai Hoa Beach... which could make your holiday to Vietnam a completely different travel experience.
  • Trang An used to be a natural defense system of Hoa Lu, the capital of Vietnam in the 10th century. Much of the area with karst mountains, rivers and caves had been hidden from the public until recently. Trang An could be visited easily on a one day trip from Hanoi. Alternatively, you can join Paradissa for a longer trip to Trang An and other beauties in Ninh Binh Province. The below photos were taken on one of our trips to this newly uncovered beauty...

  • It was Thursday and I was getting funky again. The weather seemed to have changed last night with new rounds of monsoons which made temperatures drop and the air fresh. The breezes were so gentle and the air was dry. This kind of breezes is called “Heo May” in Vietnamese.