Thien Sinh Valley, Y Ty, Bat Xat, Lao Cai
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Yen Minh - Ha Giang

Yen Minh is a district of Ha Giang Province, 100km north-east of Ha Giang City. Yen Minh is part of Dong Van Karst Plateau – a member of the Global Geopark Network, bordered to the north-west by China, to the west by Quan Ba District, to the south-west by Vi Xuyen, to the south by Bac Me, to the south-east by Cao Bang Province, to the east by Meo Vac and Dong Van Districts.

Xin Man - Ha Giang

Xin Man District of Ha Giang Province is 150km from Ha Giang Provincial Capital Town, 40km from Hoang Su Phi District of Ha Giang Province and 60km from Bac Ha Town of Lao Cai Province. Xin Man is right on the border between Vietnam and China.

Vuong Family's Residence - Ha Giang

Vuong Family was considered the King of the Hmong People in Dong Van, Ha Giang in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The residence with Chinese architecture was built in the scenic valley of Sa Phin, 20km from Dong Van Town.

Vinh Moc Tunnel - Quang Tri

After the Geneva Accord in 1954, the north and the south of Vietnam was temporarily divided at the 17th parallel and the Ben Hai River was the temporary military demarcation line. The Demilitarized Zone (or DMZ) of no more than 5km in width was created on either side of the Ben Hai River.

Vietnamese Tet

 When the peach blossoms make the winter in northern Vietnam warmer and the apricot flowers make the sunshines in the central region and southern Vietnam brighter, the Vietnamese would make the last efforts wrapping up everything and rush home to celebrate Tet. The Vietnamese People, being dead or alive, from all regions of the country, all corners on earth, all walks of life,  and even in the afterlife would rush home in a real hurry for Tet.

Vietnam DMZ - Quang Tri

By mid 1954, the French had realized that it had lost the war to the Viet Minh and would not want to fight further. The Geneva Conference was held on the 20th and 21st of July 1954 to solve the problems in Indochina producing a number of agreements to settle the war. The set of agreements was called the Geneva Accord.