Green rice terraces at Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
Green rice terraces at Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

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Hoa Binh Province is located in the North-West of Vietnam with mountainous terrains and with different ethnic minorities. The province offers chaste natural beauty and untouched culture. To get a full understanding of Hoa Binh, it is necessary that you take an adventure trip through the province either by motorbike, by mountain-bike or by trekking through different villages. The below photos were taken on our various adventures through the land.

Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Mai Chau Township is in fact a little village of the Thai ethnic people. Mai Chau is 150km far from Hanoi and can be explored easily by a 2 days 1 night tour.
Hang Kia - Hoa Binh
Hang Kia is a heavenly valley separated from the outside world by ranges of high mountains. Hang Kia is inhabited by the Black Mong ethnic people. You would need to take part in a trekking tour or a motorbike tour to visit the valley.
Cun Pheo - Hoa Binh
Cun Pheo is on a motorbike track or a trekking path between Mai Chau and Hang Kia.
Terraces in Hoa Binh
Terraces are seen often when you visit Hoa Binh Province
Rice fields in Hoa Binh
When rice starts growing, Hoa Binh is just covered in green, wherever you go...