Fishing on the Thu Bon River in Hoi An
Fishing on the Thu Bon River in Hoi An

Hoi An Photos

The Old Port Town of Hoi An for long has always been among the top highlights for many of the travelers to Vietnam. This is something indescribable about the quaint atmosphere, the old architecture, the amazing friendly and genuine locals, and the sensational local cuisine.

 Hoi An Riverside at twilight
Hoi An Riverside at twilight

 The history of Hoi An started back in the 16th-17th centuries when the Port of Hoi An was one of the biggest commercial sea ports in South-East Asia trading in ceramics, silk, spices… And Hoi An Town was then the place where merchants from around the world sought sojourns before the return trip to their home country. It was an international town back then in every aspect: the residents, the architecture, the cuisine,… Though the port is not as active as it once was, the Old Town of Hoi An keeps on the international tradition. Foreign visitors often have long stays in Hoi An from a few days to a few weeks. Much of the past has been retained.

The Thu Bon River of Hoi An
The Thu Bon River of Hoi An turns into a river of light at night

 Paradissa hosts so many trips to Hoi An for our travelers of which quite a few are shutterbugs who came to Vietnam and Hoi An on photographic holidays. Joining our team on these tours, you will not only savor Hoi An but also help to keep this amazing Old Town in amazing photos.

An old Merchant House in Hoi An
An old Merchant House converted into a restaurant in Hoi An

 Paradissa's photo tours in Hoi An will help you to capture the amazing architecture and quaint vibe of the Old Town and the gorgeous locals. We'll also stray further to the outskirt of the town and have photographs of the wonderful riverine life by the Thu Bon River. Do not hesitate to contact our team should you need any further information on Hoi An.

The Japanse Covered Bridge - Hoi An
The Japanse Covered Bridge - Hoi An bathed in light at night