Ma Le Market - Ha Giang
Ma Le Market - Ha Giang

Ma Le Market, Ha Giang

Ma Le Market is about 10km north-west of Dong Van Town, on the way to Lung Cu Flag Tower. Ma Le is not as famous as Dong Van Market and people come here are mostly from local ethnic communities. The market is on every Saturday morning, but some restaurants start selling from Friday late afternoon. Local boys and girls also come early for a drink and for socializing.

A Hmong lady at Ma Le Market
Do you want to get something for your girl, young boy?


Hmong girls at Ma Le Market
Why taking photos of me eating, old boy?


Ethnic ladies at Ma Le Market
Which shop to visit now?


A Hmong ladies at Ma Le Market
You have to keep the price, don't make it cheaper!


An old man selling little pigs
Would you like to bring them home as souvenirs?


Hmong men buying potatoes at Ma Le Market
Hurry up, boys! The more you buy the cheaper you get!