The Bell Tower at the Nom Pagoda in Van Lam Hung Yen
The Bell Tower at the Nom Pagoda in Van Lam Hung Yen

Nom Pagoda, Hung Yen

Nom Village is one of a few villages in Vietnam that still preserves ancient houses and architectures. One of the architectural gems of Nom Village is Nom Pagoda.

 It is not clear when the pagoda was first built. An epitaph shows that there was a major expansion of the pagoda in 1680. There have been several renewals since, but the original architecture has been retained.A side gate to the Nom Pagoda

Nom Pagoda is located to the north of the village, on the other bank of the Nguyet Duc River. From the village, we have to cross the Nguyet Duc River via a lovely stone bridge, the pagoda is to the left. The gate to the pagoda is majestic with three entrances and with two stories. The tiled roofs are curved as any traditional roofs in Vietnam.

Once you have passed the gate, you’ll be on a stone bridge over a little pond. On either side of the pond are two imposing towers housing a drum and a bell each. The bridge leads to the front yard and the main building where the Buddhas are worshiped. The main building of the pagoda is old and and humble under the shade of a huge tree. The lovely setting makes the compound bear a zen and holy atmosphere which brings peace of mind to the visitors.The rear quarter of the Nom Pagoda, Van Lam, Hung Yen

To the right of the main building, there is a roofed corridor leading to the rear buildings or the monks’ quarter. The corridor houses over 100 arhat statues (La Han) which show lots of the Buddhist life and practice. There are certain mysteries to these statues one of which was how they all survive the several floods in northern Vietnam given that they are earthen.

The monks quarter in the back comprises two big buildings and a big yard in front of them. One building is for worshiping the deceased monks and the other is where the monks stay.

The main gate to the Nom PagodaFrom the yard, there is a very old gate leading to the garden of the pagoda where different types of bonsai trees and flowers are found. There are some old stupas which are tombs of the deceased monks here. The flowers and plants in the pagoda fill the air with lovely fragrance all year round.

How to travel to Hung Yen & Getting there and away
The Nom Pagoda is 30km east of Hanoi and Paradissa hosts different day tours and photographic tours which visit the pagoda, the village and nearby tourist attractions.