An old house at Phuoc Tich Village, Thua Thien Hue
An old house at Phuoc Tich Village, Thua Thien Hue

Phuoc Tich Village, Hue

Phuoc Tich Village started its history in 1470 and the village is almost surrounded by the O Lau River which flows its way all the way from the northwest, west, south, east and northeaster of the village. This river is the natural border between Quang Tri Province to the north and Thua Thien Hue to the south.


The village was located right in the area with the most brutal battles during the Vietnam War (also known as the American War, Second Indochina War). And It was just by Route 1 and the railway from Hue to Quang Tri which had been named the Street without Joy (La Rue Sans Joie) by the French troops during the Franco – Viet Minh War (First Indochina War). How a village with such old architectures survived these destructive battles! Below you may find some interesting information which may or may not have something to do with this amazing fact!

Phuoc Tich in Vietnamese means to accumulate good virtues, the name was from the beginning of the 19th century only. Earlier the village name had been Phuc Giang meaning the River of Happiness and Good Luck which was later changed to Hoang Giang meaning the River of the Hoang Family who were the founders of the village.

The traditional occupation of the villagers was making ceramics. The old business has been halted recently due to lack of competitiveness. Visiting Phuoc Tich, you will be carried back in time to an old world of idyllic river, old houses, quaint old lifestyle, genuine folk and amazing peacefulness...

There are 30 familial houses and 10 worshiping houses in the village dating back from centuries ago which still retain the traditional architecture of Hue. The old houses in the village are surrounded by lush green gardens and bounded by hedges of hibiscus or wild tea plants (Acalypha siamensis).

All the houses face the river to get the positive energy as in old fengshui. In front of an old house, there is a wall which functions as a shield protecting its from toxic energy and devils. Right in front of the shield is a little pond or water tank to help accumulate wealth and prosperity for the family.

A part from the old houses, there is a wide range of temples, pagodas, communal houses, shrines,… of a few centuries old in the village. When visiting Phuoc Tich, you’ll follow the leafy village paths visiting these architectures reflecting amazing spiritual life of the villagers far back centuries ago and now.

Tours to Phuoc Tich Village
Paradissa operates half a day tours to Phuoc Tich, or a full day tour to Phuoc Tich and the Tam Giang Lagoon. The village can also be visited on a number of our tours which combine village visits and other key tourist attractions in the Central Coast and the former DMZ.

Getting there and away
Phuoc Tich is 40km north of Hue City Center and can be reached by road or by train.