Park in front of the Reunification Palace
Park in front of the Reunification Palace

Saigon Images

 Officially named Ho Chi Minh City, the century-old name Saigon is still preferred and used more by the local Vietnamese. From the very first day when the city was founded, Saigon has remained the leading economic center of Vietnam.
While Hanoi charm lies in the laid-back atmosphere, slow-paced life and more suitable for poets and writers; Saigon is well-known for its entrepreneurial spirit, the vibrant life-style and more suitable for businessmen. Hanoi is more a city of history, of traditional values; Saigon is embracing for change and more a city of the future. Let's join Paradissa's photographers to explore Saigon on a walking tour around the city center, you'll experience the complete Saigon without requiring much effort or time.
Traffic in Saigon, Vietnam
In late afternoon, we start our tour at the Notre Dame Cathedral to adore the amazing traffic flowing by...
The Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon
In early evening, the lighting and the Cathedral looks just more spectacular.
Dong Khoi Street - Saigon
Walking along Dong Khoi Street or formerly known as la rue Catinat, we'll be charmed by the traffic again, the street lights and the cliche shops.
Dong Khoi Street (Rue Catinat), Saigon
We'll be passing many old building and hotels which were from the 19th century.
The Municipal Theatre - Saigon
We stop for a rest at the Municipal Theater once the Parliament Building of the former Republic of South Vietnam.
Le Loi Boulevard - Saigon
Then we continue onto Le Loi Boulevard heading towards to Ben Thanh Market.
Nguyen Hue Boulevard - Saigon
We turn right into Nguyen Hue Boulevard with crescent-shaped street lights.
People's Committee Building in Saigon
Walking towards the end of Nguyen Hue Boulevard, we arrive at L’hôtel de Ville or the Building of Local People's Committee.
A dance club in Saigon
If you have time, we can walk further to the Central Park near Ben Thanh Market for a move at the dance club in the Central Park of Saigon.