The Temple of Literature - Hanoi
The Temple of Literature - Hanoi

The Temple of Literature, Hanoi

The Temple of Literature, which was The First University of Vietnam and which dates back to the 11th century, is the symbol of the Vietnamese learning tradition. The Temple of Literature (The Temple of Knowledge) was built in 1070 as the place for worshiping Confucius and his disciples, since that time Confucianism was the national ideology of Vietnam.

Hanoi Temple of Literature
Hanoi Temple of Literature

In 1076, Quoc Tu Giam School was built right at the back of the Temple of Literature for the sons from dignitary families to study and later it was turned into the first national school for the best students in Vietnam. Mandarins were selected from those who got degrees from this school.
The original area was burned down and destroyed by the French colonialists. But the Doctorate Stelaes dedicated to those who got the honorable degrees survived. The Temple of Literature is covered in green and should not be missed on a trip to Hanoi.

Opening hours: Daily 07:30 – 17:30. 

Gate of the Temple of Literature
After passing the gate and vast green areas, you'll come to Khue Van Cac (Khue Van Pavilion)
Khue Van Pavilion
Khue Van Pavilion is dedicated to the Star of Literature
Doctorate Stone Stelae
After Khue Van Cac comes the 82 Doctorate Stone Stelae honoring the talented students of Vietnam since 1076
 Thai Hoc Sinh - Temple of Literature
Behind the Temple of Literature is Thai Hoc Sinh - the area of the former university

Worshipping at the Temple of LiteraturePraying at the temple of Literature

Nowadays, before exams, students would come worshiping at the Temple of Literature wishing good exam results