Thien Sinh Valley, Y Ty, Bat Xat, Lao CaiParadissa Travel is staffed by dedicated travelers whose life-long passion is travel and whose life-long occupation is tourism. Our team venture into every corner of Vietnam to search for and collect information which may be useful for our travellers and web visitors. The section Vietnam Tourism is for information related to specific tourist attractions throughout Vietnam. The attractions could range from a temple, a former battlefield site, an old town, a national park or nature reserve... Each attraction would be presented with in-depth information gathered by the years of travel experience and tourism researches by Paradissa's team.

Hang Be Market - Hanoi

The Hang Be Market is nestled smack in the heart of the Old Quarter of Hanoi, 5 minutes walk from the Hoan Kiem Lake. Hang Be Market offers all kinds of goods that might be of need by the people of the Old Quarter of Hanoi, be it uncooked meat, cooked meat, fruits, dry food, worshiping items... Hang Be Market offers an interesting approach to the life of the people in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. Having a walking tour of Hang Be Market after the visit to the Hoan Kiem Lake or before the water puppet show is recommended to all travelers to the capital city.

The French Quarter of Hanoi

The French Quarter of Hanoi  was built to the south of the Old Quarter and the Hoan Kiem Lake from 1883, right after the French arrival in the city. The French Quarter of Hanoi is characterized with wide tree-lined boulevards, sidewalk cafes, fine-dining restaurants, luxurious hotels and French-styled villas.

Saint Giong Temple Soc Son - Hanoi

Saint Giong Temple, also called Soc Son Temple, is located in Soc Son District of Hanoi, 40km from the city center. The temple is built at the foot of the Horse Mountain which was believed to be the place where Saint Giong stopped for a rest after fighting off the invaders restoring peace to Vietnam... It is said that Saint Giong rode the horse to the top of the Horse Mountain, then ascending into heaven. A temple was built right at the mountain to remember Saint Giong for the great service to the country.

Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Gulf of Tonkin is the sea area between Vietnam and China. Hai Phong Port in the Gulf of Tonkin was the biggest port in North Vietnam at the time. Via Hai Phong, North Vietnam received aids from outside during the war. Historically a lot of conflicts in Vietnam started in Hai Phong thanks to its strategic location.

Bai Tu Long Bay - Quang Ninh

Bai Tu Long Bay is in the Gulf of Tonkin,  to the north-east of the famed Halong Bay. Though overshadowed by the famed Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long has its own charm that may make your holiday here a different experience.

Halong Bay Pictures

Halong Bay Pictures are featured photos taken by Paradissa Team on our myriad trips to this natural wonder of Vietnam. The photo gallery includes images of Halong Bay, of the rocks on the bay, of the luxurious junks, of life on the floating villages amid the wild of the bay...

Sung Sot Cave - Halong Bay

Sung Sot Cave (The Cave of Amazement) is one of the biggest caves of Halong Bay, 3 hours' boat cruise from the shore. The cave is over 500m in length and divided into different sections.

Tuan Chau Island - Halong Bay

Tuan Chau Island is on Halong Bay of Vietnam, 8km from Halong City. From the late 1990s, Tuan Chau Island has been built into an entertainment area of Halong City. There are luxurious resorts, theme parks, entertainment corners and casinos on the island. There is a quarter to the south-west of the island that's home to a small community of local residents, while the rest of the island is reserved for commercial purposes.

Ha Tay Images

Ha Tay had been a separate province located to the west, south-west and south of Hanoi. Ha Tay was known for its well-preserved ancient villages, temples and Buddhist pagodas. Since 2008, Ha Tay was integrated into Hanoi and there have been lots of changes in the local lifestyle, cultural monuments in the province. The below photos were taken by Paradissa's team when Ha Tay was an untouched land where century-old traditions prevailed...

The Tram Gian Pagoda - Ha Tay

Tram Gian Pagoda or Quang Nghiem Tu is located on top of the Tran Mountain with large garden of old big timber trees. The pagoda was built in the 12th century (around 1185 A.D) and the name of the pagoda means “The Pagoda of a Hundred Compartments”. Most of the current architecture was from the 17th century.

Thay Pagoda Ha Tay

Thay Pagoda (The Master Pagoda) was first built from the 12 century by Master Tu Dao Hanh. The pagoda has a nice setting with surrounding mountains and lakes. There are 03 main buildings: the back one is for worshiping the monks who had practiced here; the middle one is for honoring Buddhism and the front one is for ceremonies.

Duong Lam Village Ha Tay

Duong Lam Village of Ha Tay Province is over 50km from Hanoi and can be day-tripped by bike, by motorbike or by car. Duong Lam Village and others nearby have been in a poor area of Vietnam, and maybe that's the good reason that some old buildings survive the damage of time, of wars... and keep on boasting the weathered atmosphere and quaint old feel as you walk your way through the narrow roads flanked with houses built of sandstone...