Sublime view from Lao Than Mountain in Lao Cai
Well researched, challenging and inspirational are what Paradissa has for the travelers who embark on our Vietnam adventure tours. Paradissa has a wide range of adventures in Vietnam for you to choose from such as off the beaten track trips in under-developed destinations, living like locals, exotic cultural experiences,... For specific adventure interests such as trekking, cycling and motorcycling please visit the respective categories on our website.

For families with kids or senior travelers, Paradissa have meticulously taken into account the destinations, the adventure activities, the hotels, the pace of travel,… to ensure the customized adventure itinerary exactly meet your travel needs.

Suggested best adventure tours in Vietnam: The North West of Vietnam, the North-East of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Trails, the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam,

Tour to Khe Ro Forest and Halong Bay - 3 Days

Tour to Khe Ro Forest and Halong Bay is an adventure tour for 3 days 2 nights. On the tour, we visit the rarely visited primeval forest of Khe Ro in Bac Giang Province and the popular tourist attraction of Halong Bay.

Tour to Sapa - 3 Days

Tour to Sapa is a soft adventure to the villages around this mountain town on the altitude of over 1,500m above sea level for 3 days, 2 nights.

Tour to Yen Tu & Halong Bay - 2 Days

Yen Tu Mountain and Halong Bay Tour is a hiking adventure tour and a sightseeing tour which is still in research phase by Paradissa Travel for 2 days, 1 night.

Vietnam Explorer - 23 Days

Vietnam Explorer is one of Paradissa's adventure tours in Vietnam for 23 days, 22 nights. The tour covering most off-the-tourist attractions of the allowing our travelers to have an in-depth understanding the authentic Vietnam. The tour pace is moderate adventure with tour activities including walking, culture-exploring, nature-touring, sea and river cruising.

Vietnam World Heritage Sites & Kong Skull Island - 10 Days

Vietnam World Heritage Sites is one of our Vietnam adventure tours which visits the wonders of Vietnam listed as World Heritage by the UNESCO for 10 days, 9 nights. On the tour, you'll have an opportunity to venture deep into the mysterious and dangerous home of the King of Apes-Kong: Skull Island. Fictitious the movie may be, the scenes are not; they are real and they are in Vietnam...