Con Dao Beach, Con Lon Island
Con Dao Beach, Con Lon Island

Con Dao Islands

Con Son Holiday Weather today

Date/time of update: May 13, 2021, 12:16 am, Timezone: GMT+7
Broken Clouds

Temperature: 28.87°C
Temperature feels like: 33.38°C
Minimum Temperature: 28.87°C
Maximum Temperature: 28.87°C
Atmospheric pressure: 1007hPa
Visibility: 10000m
Wind speed: 2.36m/sec
Wind Direction: 105 degrees
Cloudiness: 70%
Sunrise: 2021-05-12 10:34:46
Sunset: 2021-05-13 11:05:06

Con Dao is an archipelago of 16 islands in southern Vietnam. Con Dao is 180km from Vung Tau, 230km from Ho Chi Minh City and 83km from the river-mouth of Hau Giang River in Can Tho City. The total land area of Con Dao archipelago is 75km2, the biggest island of the archipelago, which is called Con Lon or also called Con Dao, is 51km2. Con Dao is a district of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province.

Con Dao Island Vietnam
Con Dao Town on Con Son Island of Vietnam

The center of Con Dao is Con Dao Town located to the eastern side of Con Dao Island, half way between the top-north and the bottom-south. Con Dao Town overlooks the blue sea of Con Son Bay.

Con Dao possesses turquoise blue sea water and fine white sand beaches which makes it a perfect  destination for beach holidays. The archipelago has 5,990 hectares of forest land; 14,000 hectares of marine water and 20,500 hectares of marine buffer zone classified as Con Dao National Park. The park is home to a number of bird, mammal and marine species that could be learned about by joining into a number of tours such as trekking through the forests, hiking through the mountains, scuba-diving into the water of Con Lon or other islands of the archipelago.

Map of the Con Dao Islands
Map of the Con Dao Islands

Con Dao Weather and Climate
Con Dao has a tropical climate with two main monsoons: the north-eastern monsoon from October to April and the south-western monsoon from May through October. The sea is often calm from March through September and rough from October through February.

From May to September, there are occasional rains at the Con Dao Islands, the rains are short-lived though. And the main rainy season of Con Dao is from September through October during which it rains quite a lot and the skies are cloudy most of the time.

The dry season is from November through April, the temperatures are very pleasant and the skies are blue. The rough sea from October through February may make trips by boat not so pleasant.

Con Dao has temperatures ranging from 26-32 Degrees Celsius which are perfect for beach holidays.

 View of Con Son Bay from a beach resort
View of Con Son Bay from a beach resort on the An Hai Beach

Tourist attractions, the beaches and Things to do on the Con Dao Islands

1/Bai Lo Voi Beach (Con Dao Town, on the east of the island)
The beach has fine sand, conveniently located in town. There simple bungalows on the beach.


The main beach close to Con Dao Town
The main beach close to Con Dao Town (Bai Lo Voi)

2/Bai An Hai Beach (right south of Con Dao Town, on the east of the island )
The beach has fine sand and is with many hotels and resorts.

Con Dao Town from distance
Con Dao Town from distance

3/The Bai Nhat Beach (south of the island)
Deserted, quiet and with lovely sunset. The sand is the finest on the island.

Bai Nhat Beach on Con Dao Island
The fine white sand beach of Bai Nhat on Con Dao Island

4/The Dam Trau Beach (on the northwest of the island, near the Co Ong Airport)
A lovely secret beach behind vast cashew plantations.
5/Bai Bien Dong (on the northeast of the island on the way from the airport to the town)

6/Bai Dat Doc (on the east of the island, north of Con Dao Town, on the way from the airport to the town)
Private beach of a luxury resort.

7/Bai Ong Dung (on the west of the island, isolated)
Far from the crowds.

The scuba-diving day tour offers a glimpse of the marine life and colorful coral reefs. The tour is not operated when the sea is rough.

Cycling around the island of Con Son (the biggest of those of the Con Dao Islands) is a relaxing experience. Some part of the road on around the island has very strong winds and caution is needed.

10/Trekking in the forest on the Con Son island
The trekking tour to explore the Con Dao National Park takes a day with moderate level of difficulty.

11/Discovering marine life, learning about the sea turtles
The most interesting of these tours is to watch sea turtle to lay eggs.

12/Boat tours to explore nearby islands of the Con Dao archipelago
The boat tours are done daily when the sea is calm only.

13/Visit the prison museum and learn about the history
Once the Con Dao Island was a notorious prison, there are lots of stories and history for those interested to learn nowadays. The atmosphere is quite heavy and may not be suitable to some people.

Paradissa offers luxury beach holidays and family tours to Con Dao Island all year round. A vacation to Con Dao should be done for 5-7 days.

Hotels and resorts on the Con Dao Islands
Con Dao has a number of hotels and resorts, mostly around Con Dao Town. Some resorts are located right on the beach, while others are separated from the sea by the main road which runs along the waterfront of Con Dao Town.

With the huge flow of tourists to the Con Dao Islands nowadays, several high-end luxury resorts are springing every in the Con Son Island with lovely location leaning against the mountains and forest, overlooking the blue sea. The service is impeccable.

How to get to Con Dao Islands
There are daily 40-minute flights by ATR72 between Con Dao and Ho Chi Minh City. And there are 3 helicopter flights between Vung Tau and Con Dao per week, the trip takes 45 minutes. The overnight boat trip from Vung Tau to Con Dao is 10-12 hours (1700-0500 A.M Day+1) and can only be done when the sea is calm.

How to get around the Con Dao Islands

- On foot: The town of Con Dao offers a lovely walk on the waterfront road. The sounds of the wind and waves are relaxing. The best moments are found in the early morning and late afternoon.

- By bicycle: It is a great experience to bike around Con Dao, most of the road is on the waterfront. The landscape is peaceful and the air is fresh.

- By scooter/motorbike: it is the most convenient way to get around the island; exercise caution as the winds are very strong and the road is quite steep at some curves.

- By boat: This is the only way to tour the uninhabited islands of the Con Dao Archipelago.

A fresh water lake on Con Dao Island
A fresh water lake on Con Dao Island

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