Vietnam Airlines to Begin London Flights

 By Lang Thang.

On 1Dec2011, Vietnam Airlines officially announces to begin direct flights on 8Dec2011 between Hanoi (Vietnam)/Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and London via Gatwich Airport. Initially, there will be 4 flights per week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from either Hanoi Noi Bai Airport or Ho Chi Minh City Airport to London Gatwich Airport.


The flights from Vietnam will depart at 23:00hrs and from London at 12:20hrs (local times); the duration of flight is 13 hours 40 minutes from/to Hanoi and 14 hours to/from Ho Chi Minh City saving the journey by air between the two countries up to seven hours compared to the flights with 1 stopover.


With the London flights, Vietnam Airlines will have 29 flights per week between Vietnam and 8 cities in 4 European countries. The new flights will help to facilitate trade and tourism between Great Britain and Vietnam.