Picking tea leaves at ATK Dinh Hoa, Thai NguyenVietnam travel tips & advice provides essential travel tourism information for a trip to Vietnam such as travel dangers, how to travel safe, security, travel warnings, travel alerts, practical travel information, entry requirements, health requirements, vaccination, travel with kids in Vietnam, shopping in Vietnam, how to save money in Vietnam, Vietnam weather, and climate and when is the best time to travel in Vietnam...

  • Dangers & Annoyances in Vietnam

    While claimed among the safest countries in the World for travelers, there are still dangers and annoyances that you may want to pay attention to when traveling on holidays in Vietnam.

  • How to Travel To Vietnam

    Vietnam is getting more and more popular as a tourist attraction, traveling to Vietnam is getting easier. More airlines operate direct flights and daily direct flights to the country and more cruise companies offer Vietnam as a stop on the cruise itineraries.

  • Money & Banks in Vietnam

    Vietnam is primarily a cash based society although with an ever increasing number of travellers, Vietnam joining the international community and increasing international trade, credit cards are becoming more common. Especially from April 01, 2007 Vietnam is to fully open its financial sector to WTO member countries; the banking infrastructure is expected to get much better.

  • Public Holidays in Vietnam 2018-2019

    Vietnam follows two calendar systems: the lunar and the solar (Gregorian) ones which affect public holidays in Vietnam dramatically. Depending on each year, public holidays coincides with weekend holidays, then the real holidays (observed holidays) for the Vietnamese for an occasion could be much longer than those on the calendar.

  • Things to Know Before Visiting The Best Temples Of Angkor

    The temples of Angkor are definitely the top must-see tourist attractions in Cambodia and no doubt among the top must-sees in the world. Visiting Angkor we have the opportunity to adore the talented Khmers for the unbelievably creative works: The ancient city with so developed hydraulic system, the temples and temple ruins unrivaled in scale, in splendor and in exquisite details...

  • Travel Activities in Vietnam, Things to do in Vietnam

    Vietnam is an amazing travel destination which hosts a wide range of travel and tour activities. Whether you travel independently, in groups or with your family, there is a variety of choices available for you to do on your holidays here. You look for a land adventure, a beach break, or a romantic escape, or a luxury travel experience, Vietnam has it all! Below are some popular activities that you may like to do on your trip to Vietnam.

  • Travel Check List for Vietnam

    This is a travel check list, a guide as to what to bring on your trip to Vietnam which is useful when planning your holidays and while you are traveling. Before leaving for Vietnam, the list helps you to bring what is really needed and what can be acquired locally. While you are in Vietnam, it helps you to double-check your belongings when moving from one place to another.

  • Travel Facts for Vietnam

    Vietnam travel facts are some important facts in short for Vietnam which is useful for the visitors who are planning to travel and have holidays in Vietnam.

  • Travel Health for Vietnam

    This is a general guide to health travel for Vietnam such as compulsory vaccinations, health risks, travel insurance, first aids and medications... You are to consult your doctor for the expertise advice specifically for you when before departing on the holiday to Vietnam, though.

  • Vietnam Travel Tips and Advice

    Travel tips and advice provides you with useful information regarding how to deal with your daily routine while you travel in Vietnam such as cash for food and drinks, for your shopping, for taxis; what you should do and should not for your security and for your safety.