Rice terraces at Trinh Tuong, Bat Xat, Lao CaiThe section is dedicated to reviews and testimonials by the travelers of the travel service provided by Paradissa, a Vietnam based tour operator and travel agency. Studying these reviews, you can get some ideas of how good Paradissa is in operating our luxury tours and adventure holidays. By learning from these reviews, Paradissa can find room for improving our clients' experiences on their holidays in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Luxury Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos in January 2017

Bev and Ray, UK (feedback via Paradissa's partnered travel agency)

Good morning,
Bev and Ray are back.  The trip was fantastic!.  Some feedback for you:

Hanoi and Halong Bay in 2016 - 5 Days

By Ray & Elizabeth, US (feedback via Paradissa's partnered travel agent)

Just wanted to give you some feedback and thanks.
Everything worked out very well during our short stay in Vietnam and we thank you for making the trip so memorable and pleasant!

Luxury Vacation Vietnam Cambodia in October 2016

By Jerry and party, US

Hi Ms Loan
Thank you for the phone call. The trip was marvelous. We saw and learned a lot. All of my party thought the hotels were just the best! Except for the one in Naha Trang; it was nice in some spots but run down and shabby in others.
We will highly recommend your services. Everything went just as planned and on time. The guides were great!
Thank you so much!

Adventure Travel Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in March 2014

By Elizabeth & Robert, US

Hi Loan!
Everything was wonderful!  There was one slight hiccup leaving Hue:  our itinerary listed our flight as leaving 2 hours earlier than the ticket actually said and our driver picked us up in accordance with the time listed on the itinerary.