Bau Sen (Lotus Flower Lake) at Binh Thuan, Vietnam
Bau Sen (Lotus Flower Lake) at Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Binh Thuan Photos

Binh Thuan Province is in the South Central Coast of Vietnam, home to the best beaches in the country such as those at Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Hon Rom, La Gi, Ke Ga,.... Paradissa offers various luxury beach vacations to different premier beaches in Binh Thuan. We also host photography tours through Binh Thuan for our travelers who are on quests for the best images of Vietnam.

Desert at Binh Thuan
The semi-desert at Binh Thuan stretches for over 50km can be explored in one day from Mui Ne

 Back in the 1990s when tourism in Vietnam was still in its infancy, the photos of a few Cham ladies carrying a pottery vase each on the head walking through the endless sand dunes of Binh Thuan were among the most outstanding images of Vietnam. Nowadays, there are more opportunities for shutterbugs to capture equally amazing photos of the country and of Binh Thuan Province.

Red Sand Dune at Phan Thiet
Red Sand Dune at Phan Thiet is only a short ride from Mui Ne Beach

 You come and join Paradissa's photographers on one of our photographic holidays in Binh Thuan, you can expect the best images of the captivating landscape and local fishermen at work. The tricky point is that we can only work in early morning and afternoon, the sun is too strong from late morning till mid afternoon. This means you'd better plan for 2-3 days at least for the photogenic spots here.

White Sand Dune
The White Sand Dune is next to the White Lake and Lotus Lake which offers stunning photos

 The early morning should be for the fishing harbor at Phan Thiet or fishing village at Mui Ne. These spots are 25km far from each other and you'd need a morning each for a spot. You'd get fishermen and fishmongers doing business after the boats arrive back from the sea.

Bau Trang
Bau Trang (White Lake), next to the White Sand Dune

In mid afternoon, you'd better come to Mui Ne Fishing Village where you can capture locals preparing for the night fishing trip. Another afternoon should be for the semi-desert area and the White Sand Dune. Paradissa's photography guide will provide you with more of the necessary information as to what to bring, the departure times for each day upon booking. 

Mui Ne Fishing Village
Mui Ne Fishing Village is best visited in early morning or late afternoon, you can cycle to the village from Mui Ne Beach


The scenic coastal road at Hon Rom, Mui Ne
The scenic coastal road at Hon Rom, Mui Ne


Mui Ne Beach at dusk
Mui Ne Beach at dusk