Black Hmong people at Sapa
Black Hmong people at Sapa

Photos of Sapa People, Lao Cai

Sapa Vietnam is inhabited by 7 ethnic groups including the Kinh (Viet), the Black H'mong, the Red Dzao, the Giay, the Tay, the Xa Pho and the Hoa. Cross-marriages are found in town, though not common. Each ethnic group of Sapa still sticks to their century-old traditions with some influence by the other neighbor ethnic groups.

The ethnic groups of Sapa have been living in harmony and it is normal that a baby born in Sapa would grow up speaking 4-5 languages. Because there's a high number of foreign travellers making trips to Sapa all year round and many locals come into contact with the travellers everyday, some children of Sapa adopt English and French as their first languages.
 Sapa Black H'Mong
It's fun to be around with friends...
 The team at Paradissa office makes a number of trips to Sapa every year trying to take in by camera the people of Sapa going about their daily life. We hope to share some of our experiences with those of you who have been to and who may have a plan to visit this town in cloud.
Black H'Mong Sapa Vietnam
You know that it's sunny today in Sapa! I'm just sunbathing now.
 Sapa Black H'Mong
I've got something for my water buffalo. You know, it's heavy, but I'm used to it.
Sapa Black H'Mong
They have motorbikes for rent...I may have water buffalo for rent.
Black H'Mong Sapa Vietnam
I'm just waiting for my boy. Well, he got to be drinking somewhere...
Sapa Black Hmong
 It's a nice day...At least, I've got her now...
Sapa Black H'Mong
My boy is just around here. Don't mess with Texas!
Sapa Black H'mong Girls
 We are just practicing only. It's fun!
Black H'mong boys
We came here to sell bonsai trees. But you's fun to look at the girls passing by.
Red Zao Lady
I only come to town at weekend. It's nice to show people how we Red Zao make our beautiful brocades.
Sapa Red Zao Lady
Sometimes, I do think about life....
Red Zao Sapa Vietnam
I'm taking a nap. Don't you dare to disturb me!
 Flower H'mong Sapa
Hi! We are Flower H'mong. We are not from Sa Pa. We are only traveling here like you...