Cu Vai Village, Xa Ho, Tram Tau, Yen Bai
Cu Vai Village, Xa Ho, Tram Tau, Yen Bai

Tram Tau, Yen Bai

Tram Tau District of Yen Bai Province is 30km south-west of Nghia Lo Town. Tram Tau is bordered to the west and south-west and south by Son La Province. It is 60km from Tram Tau to Bac Yen Town of Son La and the road is almost impassable. The scenery on the way is lovely though. Even locals do not normally travel on this road.

School kids on the road to Tram Tau The terrain of Tram Tau is dissected by high mountains and deep ravines. The averaged altitude is 800m above sea level, the lowest altitude is 390m above sea level. The temperatures in Tram Tau are below 30 Degrees Celsius almost all year round and it may get below freezing point in the winter. The rainy season is normally in August, September, October and early November.

Tram Tau is home to 11 groups of peoples of which the Hmong accounts for 77%, the Thai 16% and the others are Kinh, Khmu, Tay, Muong…

Tourist attractions in Tram Tau
Tram Tau is not known to most foreign visitors to Vietnam. The land has only become popular among young Vietnamese adventurers recently. People travel to Tram Tau for relaxing bathing in the hot-spring near the capital township, visiting ethnic villages, taking photos of the lovely rice terraces and climbing the high mountain peaks.Thai houses on stilts at Xa Ho, Tram Tau, Yen Bai

Of the 10 highest mountain peaks in Vietnam, Tram Tau is home to 2: Ta Chi Nhu – the 6th highest (2,979m) and Ta Xua – the 10th highest (2,865m). The treks to these mountain peaks are physically challenging which require trekking for several hours on steep and slippery mountain slopes and normally in strong winds. When it rains, the treks are really dangerous and next to impossible. It is agreed by quite a few adventure travelers who have summited the highest mountains in Vietnam that the trek to Ta Chi Nhu is even harder than the adventure to Fansipan, the highest in Vietnam.

The biggest rewards for mountain climbing in Tram Tau include spectacular untouched natural scenery. If you climb these mountains in December, January, February and early March you are likely to find heavenly beauties with white clouds wrapping around mountain peaks; you'll have wonderful photographs then. Camping or staying in mountain huts on the treks is a memorable experience also.

Cu Vai Village perched on a mountain top at Tram Tau, Yen Bai
Cu Vai Village (Hmong) perched on a mountain top at Tram Tau, Yen Bai

Travel and tours in Tram Tau
Paradissa operates car adventures or trekking tours to the highest mountain peaks in Tram Tau upon request. We also provide photography trips to Tram Tau for shutterbugs during the golden rice seasons (May or October). The tours are normally for 3 days and 2 nights each. Do not hesitate to contact our adventure team or our photographers for further details on the itineraries and important notes on what to bring.Ta Chi Nhu Mountain (Phu Song Sung) at Xa Ho, Tram Tau, Yen Bai

There simple hotels in Tram Tau Township and homestay in villages. There is a simple ecolodge which has a hotspring near the township. Rooms at this ecolodge are clean and have a private toilet but the washbasins are outside. There are no showers or bathtubs in the property at all. If you look for comfort and luxury, it is not available at Tram Tau yet.

How to get there
From Hanoi, you can travel by road to Nghia Lo and take the scenic road to Tram Tau, the total distance is 230km. The road is normally fine but after heavy rains it may get very bad. Tram Tau is 110km from Yen Bai provincial capital.