A boat carrying coconut on the Mekong River
A boat carrying coconut on the Mekong River

Ben Tre

Tinh Ben Tre Holiday Weather today

Date/time of update: May 13, 2021, 12:13 am, Timezone: GMT+7
Overcast Clouds

Temperature: 28.76°C
Temperature feels like: 33.3°C
Minimum Temperature: 28.76°C
Maximum Temperature: 28.76°C
Atmospheric pressure: 1007hPa
Visibility: 10000m
Wind speed: 1.15m/sec
Wind Direction: 114 degrees
Cloudiness: 100%
Sunrise: 2021-05-12 10:33:12
Sunset: 2021-05-13 11:07:37

Ben Tre is one of the provinces of the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, bordered to the north by Tien Giang Province, to the east by the East Vietnam Sea, to the west by Vinh Long Province and to the south by Tra Vinh Province. Ben Tre is 90km from Ho Chi Minh City.

The Rach Mieu Bridge linking Ben Tre Province and Tien Giang Province makes this Land of Coconut Forests much more accessible to the travelers from Saigon than before. Also, Co Chien Bridge linking Ben Tre and Tra Vinh makes it much more convenient to continue your adventure to other provinces in the Mekong Delta.

The Rach Mieu Bridge
The Rach Mieu Bridge connecting Tien Giang Province and Ben Tre Province

The terrain of Ben Tre is just flat and the land is dissected by several branches of the Tien River (Upper Branch of the Mekong River). Most of the province is covered by coconut forests. Getting around Ben Tre now by either waterway or by road is very easy nowadays.

Ben Tre shares the same climate with other provinces in the Mekong River: the rainy season from May through October and it is the dry season from November through April. There are hardly typhoons in Ben Tre and the Mekong Delta.

Roads in Ben Tre are lined with coconut forests
Roads in Ben Tre are lined with coconut forests

Tourist attractions and what to see at Ben Tre
Islands on the Mekong River with amazing familial occupations.
Cho Lach Flower Village with lovely flower fields and bonsai gardens (40km from Ben Tre City).
Van Ho Bird Sanctuary: 50km from Ben Tre City, 68 hectares of forest in brackish water and home to some 500,000 birds of 84 species.
Evergreen orchards with seasonal fruits.
Coconut forests and amazing village life.
Night market at Ben Tre City for trying local food.

Ben Tre Vietnam
Ben Tre Vietnam in rainy season

Tours and holidays in Ben Tre
Paradissa offers a wide range of tours through the spectacular land of Ben Tre including family tours, homestay tours, bicycle tours, boat cruises and unforgettable culinary experiences. We were among the first pioneer tour operators in Vietnam organizing off-the-beaten track adventures through Ben Tre and other provinces to the south of the Mekong Delta.

Recommended tours in Ben Tre
Morning boat trip to visit the islands on the Mekong River and learn about the life of the inhabitants. You can sample fresh fruits, try honey tea, learn about the process to make coconut candy,…

Mekong River branches are flanked by forests of coconuts at Ben Tre
Mekong River branches are flanked by forests of coconuts at Ben Tre

In the afternoon, enjoy a bike tour to Cho Lach for visiting flower villages. We’ll bike our way amid flower fields and learn about the techniques for tending flowers and bonsai trees. Later visit an orchard for picking and tasting seasonal fruits.

Alternatively, you can drive to Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary for watching different species of birds.

In the evening, do not miss the night market at Ben Tre City. There is a wide array of mouth-watering local dishes for you to try.

For those of you who do not wish an organized tour of Ben Tre, we’d suggest you book a package holiday at a homestay or ecolodge with Paradissa and enjoy the landscape and village life the way want. We have several vacations available for families ranging from standard to luxury packages.

Coconut forests - Ben Tre Vietnam
Coconut forests - Ben Tre Vietnam

There are several choices for accommodation at Ben Tre from riverside ecolodges, homestay to luxury hotels. For the clients who book a holiday package or a customized private tour for your family with Paradissa, we’d have suitable advice as to where to stay.

How to get there
There’s an express way from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre which takes around 1 hour by car.