Cai Rang Floating Market
Cai Rang Floating Market

Can Tho

Thanh Pho Can Tho Holiday Weather today

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Temperature: 26.99°C
Temperature feels like: 28.92°C
Minimum Temperature: 26.99°C
Maximum Temperature: 26.99°C
Atmospheric pressure: 1007hPa
Visibility: 10000m
Wind speed: 1.22m/sec
Wind Direction: 126 degrees
Cloudiness: 84%
Sunrise: 2021-05-12 10:36:59
Sunset: 2021-05-13 11:10:30

Can Tho is the capital city of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam with an area of 2,965 square km and a population of 1,820 people (2004).

The city started its municipal status (under the direct control of the central government) in 2004. Can Tho sprawls its way 65km along the southern bank of the Hau River – the biggest tributary of the Mekong River in Vietnam. Like other provinces of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho has a system of arroyos and creeks meandering under the ever green canopy of orchards through myriads islands and garden houses. Exploring the secrets of Can Tho, you definitely need to have a good local tour guide and a long tail boat.

Can Tho Bridge
Can Tho Bridge connecting Can Tho Province and Vinh Long Province which are separated by the Hau River (Hau Giang, lower Mekong branch)
Traveling in Can Tho, you’ll encounter the most busy and exotic life-on-the-water in the world. You’ll tour the busy floating markets which start their daily trading sessions from 3:00 in the morning. You can get your own boat riding out of the Ninh Kieu Wharf and haggle with the local merchants for some fresh produce. Alternatively you can get lost in the exuberant orchards with all kinds of mangosteen, jack fruits, mangoes, papayas... and pick the fresh ones off the trees. There are many garden houses, cafes and restaurants for you to relax and enjoy the flavors of the Mekong Delta. The city of Can Tho offers some interesting Khmer-Styled Pagodas and Chinese Congregational Houses that you may want to visit. Also don’t miss the stork sanctuary of Thot Not where you’ll be charmed by the wild intimate life.
The best time to visit Can Tho is in the summer when there is a big array of seasonal fruits for you to try.
Can Tho riverfront at night
Can Tho riverfront at night

Can Tho Tourist Attractions and what to see:

  • Phong Dien Floating Market 17km from the city center.
  • Cai Rang Floating Market 6km from the city center, 30 minutes boat ride from Ninh Kieu Wharf (0500-0900 A.M). Try get get your breakfast with tasty coffee on board while visiting the market.

A  boat full of pumpkins at Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho, Vietnam
A boat full of pumpkins at Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho, Vietnam

  • Phung Hiep Floating Market 30km from the city center.
  • All floating markets start from early in the morning when you’ll see the tributaries of the Mekong River get jammed up with all kinds of watercraft and boats which are completely filled up with agricultural produce weaving back and forth. Merchants shouting to each other, boat’s engines blowing up the air, fruits and goods thrown from one boat to another, money changed hand... floating markets here are similar to nowhere else.
  • Thot Not Stork Sanctuary 45 km from the city center is home to some 500, 000 storks and birds. The site is best visited at dusk when you’ll adore the intimate life of the wild with thousands of birds going back here to roost.

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary, Thot Not, Can Tho, Vietnam
Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary, Thot Not, Can Tho, Vietnam


Storks at Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary, Thot Not, Can Tho, Vietnam
Storks at Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary, Thot Not, Can Tho, Vietnam

  • Binh Thuy Ancient House (Bui Huu Nghia Street, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City) with lovely architecture and intricate decorations. The house is surrounded by an exuberant garden.

  • My Khanh Village (in Phong Dien District, 10km from Can Tho City) with ancient houses, with traditional but vanishing occupations such as making rice spirit, making rice papers, ancient house… Here you'll have the opportunities to try 20 different types of local fruits and adore local songs.

  •  Night Market of Ninh Kieu offers a wide range of local dishes and souvenirs.

  •  Flower villages in Binh Thuy District with 20 hectares of land for growing flowers all year round.

  • Nam Nha Pagoda built in 1895 with a lovely bonsai garden.

  •  Can Tho Museum (Hoa Binh Blvd, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu) with artefacts showing life of different ethnic communities in the Mekong Delta throughout the history of this region.

  •  Chua Ong (Quang Trieu Hoi Quan – Quang Trieu Congregational Asssembly) is a Chinese-styled pagoda at Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho City.

Cai Rang floating market - Can Tho
Cai Rang floating market - Can Tho Province

Travel and Tours and Things to do in Can Tho
Can Tho is a city in the countryside and it offers the travellers with all experiences be it an exotic river cruise, an adventure down the orchards or a city tour.

Paradissa's recommended itinerary for Can Tho: Morning for the floating market, mid day for the exuberant orchards to try seasonal fruits, afternoon for visiting the villages with cooking demonstrations, evening for tasting sensational cuisine at the night market of Ninh Kieu, late evening for getting charmed by local songs Don Ca Tai Tu on board a boat on the Hau River (Mekong River).

Kids on the Mekong River near Can Tho, Vietnam
Kids on the Mekong River near Can Tho, Vietnam

Paradissa Travel has got a number of relaxing luxury tours to Can Tho for clients who can not get away from comfort, adventure tours, biking and motorbiking tours for our adventure travellers to discover the secrets of the Mekong Delta. Please contact us for further details.

Accommodation in Can Tho ranges from standard hotels to luxurious 4 star hotels. It's best to book accommodation at a riverside hotel which offers you fabulous countryside experience in luxury.

Getting there and away
Can Tho is 170 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 34km from Vinh Long. Between Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh Long, Chau Doc you can travel by road or by waterway.

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